Zenless Zone Zero Pre-Registration Now Open On PS5, PC, And Mobile

Zenless Zone Zero Pre-Registration Now Open On PS5, PC, And Mobile

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Yesterday, the iOS App Store seemingly slipped and revealed the release date for Zenless Zone Zero, the next online action-RPG from Genshin Impact developer Hoyoverse. Today, the company has officially opened pre-registrations for it on all platforms, though none of the official announcement details mention that “leaked” launch date.

Players on iOS and Android mobile devices can go to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively to pre-register now, which will automatically download Zenless Zone Zero to their device on launch day. Those who plan to play on a PlayStation console or on PC via the Epic Games Store can add the game to their wishlist or pre-register on the official ZZZ website with an active Hoyoverse account.

Players can pre-register for ZZZ now.
Players can pre-register for ZZZ now.

The official ZZZ website also details the in-game rewards players can receive based on the number of pre-registrations before launch. The rewards will be sent to each player via in-game mail at launch, and the offerings are as follows:

  • 15 million registrations – 30,000 Dennies (in-game currency)
  • 20 million registrations – 3 Master Tapes (used to exchange for rare agent characters)
  • 25 million registrations – 5 Boopons (used to exchange for rare Bangboos)
  • 30 million registrations – 5 Master Tapes
  • 35 million registrations – Rare Agent “Corin”
  • 40 million registrations – 12 Master Tapes

Zenless Zone Zero is the latest action-RPG from Hoyoverse, which is set in New Eridu, a vast city that serves as the last bastion for humanity after an apocalyptic event called “The Hollows.” Players will create “proxies,” which they’ll use to fight monsters called Ethereals throughout the city in order to survive and solve the mystery behind the Hollows.

Zenless Zone Zero is officially slated to launch in “2024,” with the iOS App Store setting a release date of July 3.

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