Zenless Zone Zero is open for pre-registration, and over 30 million have already signed up

Zenless Zone Zero is open for pre-registration, and over 30 million have already signed up

While miHoYo still hasn’t shared an exact release date for its next free-to-play action RPG, Zenless Zone Zero, the game is now available to pre-register worldwide across PlayStation 5, PC, and mobile.

The pre-registration campaign opened earlier today following an announcement on the Zenless Zone Zero Twitter account, and excited fans have flocked to it in droves. At the time of writing, the official website shows more than 30 million people have pre-registered the game, which means the first four milestones have already been met.

【Pre-Registration on All Platforms Begins】

Dear Proxies, Zenless Zone Zero is now officially open for pre-registration on all platforms!
You can pre-register on the PlayStation™Store, Google Play, App Store, Epic Store, and the official website.
※ Please follow our official… pic.twitter.com/qdC2J09Tsc

— Zenless Zone Zero (@ZZZ_EN) April 23, 2024

This means you’ll receive a bunch of free in-game rewards the moment Zenless Zone Zero launches, which includes 30,000 Dennies (the main currency for buying items and upgrades), five Boopons (which are used for acquiring Bangboos, little pets that support you in battle), and eight Master Tapes (which are for unlocking the playable Agents). If the campaign reaches 35 million players, everyone will receive one Agent—the anxious maid Corin—for free, and then an extra 12 Master Tapes at 40 million players.

You can sign up for pre-registration yourself either on Google Play, the App Store, or the official website. Console or PC owners, meanwhile, can wishlist Zenless Zone Zero via the PlayStation Store or the Epic Games Store (as a reminder, the game isn’t coming to Steam).

At the moment, some lucky individuals are already enjoying a closed beta version of Zenless Zone Zero on PS5 (which you unfortunately can no longer sign up for), but everyone else may not need to wait too much longer for the full release. Although miHoYo hasn’t acknowledged it, the game’s listing on the App Store mentions an expected release date of July 3, suggesting it’ll be out in only three months. None of the other storefronts have any sort of release date besides a vague 2024 window so, while a July 3 release sounds believable, it’s entirely possible this is a mistake. Should miHoYo issue any kind of statement on the matter, we’ll be sure to update this article.

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