You Have Three Weeks to Get in on This Critical Role Whiskey Collab Before It’s Gone Forever

You Have Three Weeks to Get in on This Critical Role Whiskey Collab Before It’s Gone Forever

Have you ever wanted a bottle of whiskey inspired by a fantasy drink made from the acidic bile of a giant monstrous insect? It’s my genuine pleasure to inform you that not only are you not alone, but you can buy exactly that right now, thanks to actor Matthew Lillard’s Find Familiar Spirits, whiskey-makers Quest’s End and D&D superstars Critical Role. 

Find Familiar Spirits specializes in making very pretty bottles of alcohol themed for Dungeons & Dragons fans — the name is a pun on the name of a spell. The company creates what it calls “drops” with a new theme each time, and once that drop ends, the bottle is gone forever. This drop is extra special because it’s done in partnership with Critical Role, the biggest name in actual-play D&D streaming. This drop is called Sandkheg’s Hide, and the story told with this collaboration is genuinely impressive. 

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Longtime watchers of Critical Role, or those who enjoyed Prime Video’s The Legend of Vox Machina, will recall Sandkheg’s Bile is a drink made in the streets of Marquet that makes your whole body go numb in addition to its alcoholic qualities. This bottle will not accomplish the same numbing effect, but according to Quest’s End, it delivers “base bourbon notes of baked apple, brown spice, shortbread cookie, and oak blended with whiskey finished in vermouth barrels for herbaceous notes and whiskey finished in sherry barrels for dried red fruit and a hint of smoke.”

The bottle is heavily stylized to look like it came from this universe, including a themed bag for the bottle to live in and a leather journal, which includes a journal from the Exandrian who found the bottle and a map of Marquet to hang on your wall. 

Sandkheg’s Hide is available to order for $100 starting on April 30 if you preregister, and will be available for everyone to purchase starting May 2. Once the clock strikes midnight on May 23, Sandkheg’s Hide will return to Exandria and be lost to us mere mortals forever. 

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