Yes, Your Grace, the acclaimed kingdom management RPG, is now available on Android and iOS

Yes, Your Grace, the acclaimed kingdom management RPG, is now available on Android and iOS


Yes, Your Grace, the acclaimed kingdom management RPG, is now available on Android and iOS
  • A kingdom management sim where players must help solve problems put forth by petitioners
  • Currently available for a 20% discount at $3.99 or regional equivalent

A few weeks ago, Noodlecake and No More Robots revealed their latest project, Yes, Your Grace, which has finally launched on iOS and Android today. Originally developed by Brave at Night, the title is a critically acclaimed kingdom management sim inspired by Slavic folklore. Players will step into the shoes of a king who must solve the problems of his kingdom’s inhabitants.

In Yes, Your Grace, players will be transported to the fictional medieval kingdom of Davern, which is ruled by King Eryk. His village has been riddled with various problems and it is up to Eryk to listen to all the petitioners and solve their issues. As kings, players must offer worthy advice to those looking for assistance.

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But sometimes, you’ll need to determine whether it is more important to aid the citizens or save resources for a more pressing matter. Always remember that supplies are limited, so not everyone will get the support they need. In addition, lords and other kings will require support too and players may need to perform dirty deeds in order to win battles.

Expect to be presented with a diverse range of problems to tackle. Some matters may be comical, not requiring a lot of attention, while others will be extremely crucial to look into. Beyond responsibilities as a ruler of the region, Eryk must also look after his own family, who have their set of unique troubles. Players will have to strike the right balance that keeps everyone happy.

Clearly, it isn’t easy to keep everyone in the kingdom satisfied. If players find it getting too difficult, they are able to enlist support in the form of Generals, Witches, and Hunters who obviously come at a cost.

Download Yes, Your Grace using your preferred link below. It is free to try with a $4.99 purchase for unlocking the whole game. Currently, it’s 20% off at $3.99 so make sure you act fast.

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