Xbox console exclusive Hi-Fi Rush’s PS5 release date leaked

Xbox console exclusive Hi-Fi Rush’s PS5 release date leaked

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Colourful, cartoony promotional artwork for Hi-Fi Rush showing protagonist Chai and friends posing dramatically in mid-air.

Image credit: Tango Gameworks/Microsoft

A PlayStation 5 release date for the currently-Xbox console exclusive Hi-Fi Rush has found its way onto the internet.

The Hi-Fi Rush PS5 launch date was today revealed to be 18th March, courtesy of a new trailer for the rhythm action game posted to Bethesda’s Latin American YouTube channel [UPDATE: And has now been officially confirmed].

That video appears to have gone live a little earlier than planned, as it was soon taken offline by Bethesda – but not before the internet noticed. You can watch it via the embed below, now re-uploaded to social media:

Perhaps someone at Bethesda saw today’s confirmation of Grounded and Pentiment for Nintendo Switch and thought it was time for Hi-Fi Rush on PS5 to be announced too?

This is, of course, the first official word from Bethesda or Xbox that Hi-Fi Rush is one of the four Xbox console exclusives coming to other consoles, as announced last week in Microsoft’s business update podcast.

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But unofficially we’ve suspected for a while that a multiplatform launch for Hi-Fi Rush was on the cards – the game itself appeared to tease as much via a selection of upcoming in-game T-shirts, and reports last week identified it was indeed one of the upcoming multi-platform quartet of games set to be announced.

With today’s announcements of Grounded and Pentiment for Switch, that just leaves the identity of the fourth game – reportedly Sea of Thieves – still to be officially confirmed.

“Vibrant and self-assured, Hi-Fi rush happily embraces the 00s’ cheese – and is all the better for it,” our Ed Nightingale wrote in Eurogamer’s Hi-Fi Rush review, dubbing it an “unrepentant riot of rhythm-action”.

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