World’s largest LNG-powered car carrier named and delivered

World’s largest LNG-powered car carrier named and delivered

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January 17, 2024,

Jasmina Ovcina Mandra

Earlier today SAIC Group, a prominent Chinese automotive manufacturer, officially named and commissioned the LNG dual-fuel car carrier SAIC Anji Sincerity.

Image credit: Saic Motor

Constructed by CSSC Jiangnan Shipyard, the vessel, featuring 7,600 parking spaces, is exclusively built for SAIC Anji Logistics, a subsidiary of SAIC Group.

Saic Motor said that SAIC Anji Sincerity stands out as the world’s largest LNG dual-fuel ro-ro ship currently in operation, setting new standards in the industry. SAIC Anji Shipping, a subsidiary of Anji Logistics, will oversee the vessel’s operations on international routes.

The ship, equipped with advanced technology, will embark on its maiden voyage to Europe, transporting over 5,000 various commercial and engineering vehicles.

The vessel is designed to carry a diverse range of commercial vehicles and engineering equipment.

Image credit: SAIC Motor

The ship’s design encompasses a length of 199.9 meters, a breadth of 38 meters, and a depth of 15.5 meters. It is classed by both the China Classification Society (CCS) and DNV. An LNG dual-fuel WinGD engine powers the car carrier to cut the ship’s carbon dioxide emissions, aligning with SAIC’s dedication to eco-friendly practices.

The group said that its Anji Logistics subsidiary boasts the largest self-operated fleet among automobile companies in China. The fleet comprises 31 car ships of various types, facilitating operations on seven international self-operated routes, including Southeast Asia, Mexico, Western South America, and Europe.

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Over the next three years, Anji Logistics plans to enhance its ocean-going fleet by integrating 14 transport ships of the 7000, 7600, 7800, and 9000 CEU classes. In addition to LNG, the company has also invested in methanol-ready newbuilds.

This strategic expansion aims to actively support China’s independent brands, accelerating their overseas expansion initiatives.

Behind the robust expansion of SAIC’s ocean fleet lies the rapid growth of the company’s overseas business. In 2023, SAIC’s overseas sales reached 1.208 million vehicles, marking an 18.8% year-on-year increase. For eight consecutive years, SAIC has led Chinese automotive companies, propelling China to surpass Japan and claim the global top spot in complete vehicle exports

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