Viking survival builder ASKA getting a closed beta in April

Viking survival builder ASKA getting a closed beta in April

Developer Sand Sailor Studio and publisher Thunderful Games revealed today that the upcoming Viking sandbox survival builder ASKA will be getting a Closed Beta test in April. The Closed Beta will run from April 15 through April 21, with sign-ups open now through April 5.

Players can embark on a Viking expedition solo or with up to three friends as they work together to build a Viking empire. Collecting resources, building a thriving settlement, and summoning intelligent NPC villages are some of the tasks required to do so. Players will also need to automate, manage, and defend their tribe especially to survive the bitter cold winter.

ASKA stands as a testament to what a dream-team of just 10 people can achieve over the course of 4 years: an ambitious co-op survival tribe builder where you’re never alone, where you work alongside lively AI villagers that are almost indistinguishable from players, all woven into a deep city builder-like economy system. We’re entering the final phase of our beta testing period and we can’t wait to give players the power to build their very own truly functional Viking village, who knows what they’ll build.”

– Cristian Diaconescu, Creative Director at Sand Sailor Studio

We’ve seen quite a few survival builders released recently. But honestly, all you had to say was Viking and I’m in. Based on the trailer it looks like you can get pretty creative with actually building out your settlement. And hopefully, they mean it when they say intelligent NPC villagers. I’ve seen several games in the genre recently add NPCs to help players with tasks like gathering, building, and even fighting. But none of them have quite gotten it right.

Those interested in participating in the Closed Beta that runs from April 15 through April 21 can ASKA Discord server before April 5.

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