Vampire Survivors adds Space Dude and more in today’s cosmic Space 54 update

Vampire Survivors adds Space Dude and more in today’s cosmic Space 54 update

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Cross-save public beta also live.

A screenshot of Vampire Survivors' Space 54 update showing new character Space Dude dashing across the screen as damage numbers appear all around him.

Image credit: Poncle

Vampire Survivors might continue to be suspiciously devoid of vampires, but it does now have a bunch of new cosmic sci-fi bits (clearly last year’s Among Us collaboration just wasn’t space-y enough), courtesy of its latest free update on Steam, Switch, Xbox, and mobile.

Space 54, as the update is known, introduces a new bonus stage going by the same name – officially described as a “cosmic border-realm between this plane of existence and a sinister, third dimension” – as well as two new characters to deploy.

One of those characters, Space Dude, is the star of developer Poncle’s energetic Space 54 trailer (or Space-54, or Space54 – the studio doesn’t seem to have entirely made its mind up), and there’re also four new weapons, a new relic, and seven new EXTRA achievements.

Vampire Survivors – v1.9 Space-54 – Free Update Out Now on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox & Mobile

Vampire Survivors – v1.9 Space-54 trailer.

These latest achievements, as explained over in Poncle’s update notes, are all inspired by open-source game framework Phaser, which was originally used to create Vampire Survivors. “If I hadn’t loved working with [Phaser] to begin with,” the notes explain, “I would have probably never made VS, so I thought it deserved a bit more than just a line in the credits.”

Elsewhere in Poncle’s notes, it teases some of the future content coming as part of Vampire Survivors’ Chaos Roadmap, saying the next three updates have now been decided. “A lot of players have been asking for more dark/serious settings,” it explains, “so I can at least tell you that one of those three steps has been cherry picked because it’s probably the darkest one we have on the roadmap. It won’t be the next one, but should arrive soon enough!”.

Additionally, development continues on Vampire Survivors’ online co-op mode – “Technical work is going well,” Poncle says, “still too early for more details!” – and the studio’s Vampire Survivors-adjacent experiments with other indie developers are also “going well”.

Vampire Survivors – 1997 Teaser Trailer | PS1

Vampire Survivors – 1997 Teaser Trailer.

Today’s Space 54 update is – as promised back in January – accompanied by the Steam and Android public beta launch for Vampire Survivors’ cross-save feature. “Please send us any feedback about the feature,” Poncle adds. “It’s very delicate since we’re talking about save-data, so we’ll take all the help we can get to make sure it’s solid.”

And that’s still not quite everything! To celebrate today’s launch of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (the team are apparently massive Final Fantasy fans, and Rebirth is supposedly quite good), Poncle has released a special Vampire Survivors trailer mimicking the Final Fantasy 7 PlayStation 1 teaser from back in 1997. “How much of what you see in the trailer is actually real content for Vampire Survivors,” it notes, “will be left to speculation.”

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