Tower of Fantasy launches Evangelion collab event with new Asuka simulacrum

Tower of Fantasy launches Evangelion collab event with new Asuka simulacrum


Tower of Fantasy launches Evangelion collab event with new Asuka simulacrum
  • Evangelion collaboration event now live
  • Asuka Shikigami Langley available as a simulacrum
  • New themed questline to participate with several Evangelion rewards up for grabs

As promised, Level Infinite and Hotta Studio have just kicked off the Evangelion collaboration event in Tower of Fantasy today. The event storyline revolves around an angel invasion in Vera, which can only be solved if you team up with iconic characters from the series. In celebration of the event’s launch, the fan favourite Asuka Shikinami Langley is being added to the MMORPG as the latest simulacrum.

Known for her prowess as the exclusive pilot of the EVA-02, Asuka was regarded as a true child prodigy destined for greatness. She is a crucial part of the Tower of Fantasy x Evangelion collaboration as it is only with her support that you will be able to take down the angels. Asuka will continue to protect humanity even in this new world, and you can add her to your squad with her trusty weapon, the Spear of Longinus.

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In addition to enlisting Asuka’s service, you can also participate in the new special story taking place in Vera. As an Angel intruder threatens humanity, you must join forces with young pilots controlling Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapons to engage in violent battles to protect their world. The event offers exciting rewards, including the Smart Servant Pen Pen, EVA-01-themed outfits, vouchers, and exclusive appearances.

The questline also sees the revival of the original mecha of Tower of Fantasy, which will provide great support against these foes. It may be an ancient war machine, but it packs a punch thanks to all the powerful weapons and abilities it is fitted with. Add to that Soul Plugs, all-terrain vehicles tuned with strong anti-gravity weapons which will transform you into a force to be reckoned with.

Experience the excitement of the Evangelion collaboration yourself by downloading Tower of Fantasy on your preferred link below.

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