Today’s ‘Wordle’ #1037 Hints, Clues And Answer For Sunday, April 21st

Today’s ‘Wordle’ #1037 Hints, Clues And Answer For Sunday, April 21st

How to solve today’s Wordle.

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Looking for Saturday’s Wordle hints, clues and answer? You can find them here:

MORE FROM FORBESToday’s ‘Wordle’ #1036 Hints, Clues And Answer For Saturday, April 20thBy Erik Kain

I’m sick still. I guess that’s no surprise. I came down with the bug Friday and it’s a doozy. I’m a snotty, sneezy mess.

But that won’t keep my spirits down! Not on such a lovely weekend as this, even if I have been indoors for most of it, binging shows like Fallout (which is wonderful) and letting myself be mostly lazy. Mostly.

It is lazy Sunday, after all. Let’s solve this Wordle, shall we?

How To Solve Today’s Wordle

The Hint: One way to describe and old elf.

The Clue: Today’s Wordle has a double letter.

Okay, spoilers below!




The Answer:

Today’s Wordle

Can you solve today’s phrase?

Credit: Erik Kain

Wordle Analysis

Every day I check Wordle Bot to see how I did. You can check your Wordles with Wordle Bot right here.

Well this one really had me stumped. I started off with sicko both because I’m sick right now and because I wondered if it would actually work. It did, but not well. 460 words remained. Trope slashed that number to 62, which really wasn’t great, and I was sure at this point an ‘A’ was warranted.

Dogma left me with all grey boxes but finally moved that yellow ‘O’ into green. But still, I had 11 words to choose from and I could think of several that ended in olly. I guessed folly, which confirmed my suspicions and left me with just two words I could think of: jolly and holly, like Christmas is trying to make a comeback in April. Thankfully, I chose the right word for my fifth guess.

Competitive Wordle Score

I lose 1 point for guessing in five. Fortunately, the Wordle Bot also took five tries today so that’s a wash. -1 total. I’m actually shocked but I’ll take it!

How To Play Competitive Wordle

Guessing in 1 is worth 3 points; guessing in 2 is worth 2 points; guessing in 3 is worth 1 point; guessing in 4 is worth 0 points; guessing in 5 is -1 points; guessing in 6 is -2 points and missing the Wordle is -3 points.

If you beat your opponent you get 1 point. If you tie, you get 0 points. And if you lose to your opponent, you get -1 point. Add it up to get your score. Keep a daily running score or just play for a new score each day.

Today’s Wordle Etymology

The word “jolly” comes from the Old French word “jolif,” which originally meant “festive, merry, amorous, pretty” around the 12th century. This Old French term is likely derived from a Scandinavian source, similar to the Old Norse “jol,” referring to a pagan winter feast lasting several days. Over time, the English word “jolly” came to specifically mean “full of high-spirited merriment” in both appearance and mood. This evolution in meaning reflects the word’s festive and joyous connotations.

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