Today’s NYT Connections Hints and Answers: Help for June 4, #359

Today’s NYT Connections Hints and Answers: Help for June 4, #359

Here are some hints, and the answers, for Connections No. 359, for June 4.

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Need the answers for the June 4 New York Times Connections puzzle? To me, Wordle is more of a vocabulary test, but Connections is more of a brainteaser. You’re given 16 words and asked to put them into four groups that are somehow connected. Sometimes they’re obvious, but the game editor knows how to trick you by using words that can fit in more than one group.

And do you also play Wordle? We’ve got today’s Wordle answer and hints too.

We’ve also got some winning tips for Strands, a new game from the Times that’s still in beta.

Hints for today’s Connections groups

Here are four hints for the groupings in today’s Connections puzzle, ranked from the easiest, yellow group to the tough (and sometimes bizarre) purple group

Yellow group hint: Make money.

Green group hint: Dress up like Merlin.

Blue group hint: Boat parts.

Purple group hint: Not sea, but close.

Answers for today’s Connections groups

Yellow group: Take home, as income.

Green group: Parts of a wizard costume.

Blue group: Found on a ship.

Purple group: C-____

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What are today’s Connections answers?

The yellow words in today’s Connections

The theme is take home, as income. The four words are clear, earn, make and net.

The green words in today’s Connections

The theme is parts of a wizard costume. The four words are beard, hat, robe and staff.

The blue words in today’s Connections

The theme is found on a ship. The four words are bridge, deck, hatch and keel.

The purple words in today’s Connections

The theme is C-____. The four words are clef, section, span and suite.

How to play Connections

Playing is easy. Winning is hard. Look at the 16 words and mentally assign them to related groups of four. Click on the four words you think go together. The groups are coded by color, though you don’t know what goes where until you see the answers. The yellow group is the easiest, then green, then blue, and purple is the toughest. Look at the words carefully and think about related terms. Sometimes the connection has to do with just a part of the word. Once, four words were grouped because each started with the name of a rock band, including “Rushmore” and “Journeyman.”

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