This 45-inch Lenovo gaming monitor is down to £699 at Currys

This 45-inch Lenovo gaming monitor is down to £699 at Currys

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5120×1440, 165Hz and DisplayHDR 400 support mark this out as a decent mid-range choice.

lenovo legion r45w-30 gaming monitor on a gradient background

Image credit: Lenovo/Rock Paper Shotgun

If you want a gaming monitor that leaves no doubt that you are a very cool gaming person, look no further than this titanic 45-incher from Lenovo, the R45w-30. It’s £100 off today, making the price of admission to the really big monitor show just £699. For about twice the price of a good 1440p 165Hz monitor, you get a monitor the size of two 1440p 165Hz monitors – but, critically, with no gap in the middle.

The monitor’s other specs are also convincing. The gigantic span is handled with a curved VA screen, reducing this panel type’s typically low viewing angles and increasing immersion slightly. The 5120×1440 resolution is a little easier to drive than a single 4K display, making it quite doable with a modern graphics card equipped with DLSS, FSR 2 or XeSS upscaling, while the DisplayHDR 400 certification allows for halfway decent HDR even if it doesn’t quite reach the DisplayHDR 600 threshold that HDR becomes genuinely convincing.

In terms of features, there’s the usual gaming guff plus a KVM switch and picture-in-picture mode in case you want to hook up two PCs to the same screen. There’s also up to 75W of USB-C charging, handy if you want to connect a MacBook, Windows gaming laptop or Steam Deck and get data, charging and video through a single cable.

As you might expect, reviews of the monitor are broadly positive, given the amount of screen you’re getting for the money, and after this reduction the value is even better. Positives mentioned include the screen’s colour accuracy and features, while negatives are centred only on its large size – you’ll need a big desk for this to work, although mounting the screen on a powerful monitor arm is also a possibility.

Overall, a pretty cool option for PC gaming and well worth considering at £100 off.

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