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The anticipated Yu-Gi-Oh TCG core set Phantom Nightmare finally released today. The new collection adds over 100 cards to the long-running TCG and introduces the all-new “Ashen” card archetype. If that sounds suspiciously like another dark fantasy franchise, you’re right. Fans have also spotted numerous homages to From Software’s brutal action-RPGs Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Elden Ring in the art and lore of these new cards. There’s even a mechanic that lets you move Ashen cards from your deck to your hand using the Bonfire spell card. Get it?

We're definitely getting From Soft vibes.
We’re definitely getting From Soft vibes.

Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Phantom Nightmare booster packs are available for $4.49 per pack at Best Buy’s online store. Each booster comes with nine random cards from the new set. You can also grab the giant Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Phantom Nightmare booster box for $90 at Best Buy. The box includes 24 packs, each with nine cards for a total of 216 cards. If you’re interested in the booster box, you may want to order soon, as the last Yu-Gi-Oh set sold out pretty fast at Best Buy.

Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Phantom Nightmare booster box and booster packs
Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Phantom Nightmare booster box and booster packs

While the Phantom Nightmare boosters will get you started on your collection of the new set, the Bonfire spell card that works with the new Ashen card was introduced in a previous Yu-Gi-Oh TCG set, Maze of Millenia. You can grab Maze of Millenia boosters at Best Buy for $4.49 a pop. Each booster includes seven random cards.

Along with the new Phantom Nightmare packs, a new Yu-Gi-Oh TCG playmat featuring art of Yugi and Kaiba from the anime series was also released. You can pick it up at Best Buy for $17.

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