The future of gaming is device-agnostic; it’s time for marketers to adapt

The future of gaming is device-agnostic; it’s time for marketers to adapt

As the world of gaming evolves, it’s no surprise that so do the preferences and behaviours of those playing. Cross-platform gaming is on the rise, with 76% of gamers today playing across multiple platforms. Gamers are increasingly switching between multiple devices to play the same game — from PC to console to mobile, and likely soon, to smart TV apps.

For gaming app marketers, this presents a significant opportunity: cross-device marketing. Placing ads across multiple channels can open up new paths to user acquisition, and prominent brands, such as Netflix, Samsung and Xbox, are jumping on this emerging advertising development. 

Why should gaming marketers embrace multi-channel marketing? 

Businesses that effectively implement multi-channel marketing strategies see a remarkable 9.5% increase in annual revenue. The potential of multi-channel marketing boosting performance by over 300% drives this growth. By advertising across various platforms, gaming app businesses can connect with users wherever they are, deliver a consistent brand message, and enhance user engagement through cohesive ads.

In-game advertising revenue is soaring, projected to reach a staggering $71 billion this year, up from $61 billion in 2022. Younger generations who increasingly see gaming as more than just a hobby are the primary drivers of this growth. Games are becoming their social networks, and they’re embracing crossplay across multiple devices.

But while app marketers are well-informed in advertising on mobile games, paid channels, and connected TVs (CTV), the potential of PC and console platforms remains largely unexplored. As new monetisation models emerge, there are even more promising opportunities for user acquisition in the gaming world. 

A winning approach to cross-device marketing

Whether you’re navigating the PC, console, or mobile app gaming space, it’s time to extend your advertising efforts across multiple platforms. Here are three key tips to get started.

1) Harness the power of automation

Before embarking on campaigns across multiple platforms and channels, marketers should invest in intelligent campaign automation that covers budget and bid management. Your solution should allow you to define rules for optimising campaigns based on metrics tailored to specific business needs and facilitate bulk edits to save time. Additionally, it should offer automated reporting, consolidating your performance data into one convenient location, enabling you to swiftly act on insights.

2) Consolidate your analytics

Expanding your advertising efforts across various platforms and channels not only requires automation but also access to clean, precise data from all of your marketing sources in one unified platform. By utilising a unified analytics solution to oversee, analyse, and optimise campaigns, marketers can eliminate data inconsistencies and respond promptly to challenges. With all your data consolidated, you can efficiently fine-tune campaigns based on significant trends and make smarter, faster decisions.

3) Consider a comprehensive platform for your cross-device marketing 

A comprehensive suite of measurement and analytics tools is the key to a successful multi-channel marketing approach. At Adjust, we predicted the increasing prevalence of cross-platform adoption in the gaming industry and beyond. From mobile to PC, console to CTV, our measurement and analytics suite provides attribution data, campaign automation, and the intelligent reporting your game needs to scale efficiently.

A multi-channel approach to measurement

The future of gaming is device-agnostic, so marketers who are ready to adapt and embrace an integrated approach to their marketing strategies can benefit from significant growth opportunities. As gameplay extends across multiple devices, marketers also need a unified overview to track the user journey across channels and devices. Our mobile measurement and analytics suite offers a comprehensive platform for seamless cross-device advertising, enabling marketers to tap into a rapidly growing market

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