The Day Before servers shut down a month from today

The Day Before servers shut down a month from today

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Steam now “proactively” refunding copies.

Screenshot from The Day Before showing an interaction with an NPC

Image credit: Fntastic/Eurogamer

Game development disaster The Day Before will go dark forever on 22nd January 2024.

A statement posted this morning to X, formerly Twitter, gave remaining players a month’s notice that the game – once Steam’s most-wishlisted title – would close down in just over 30 days.

As a reminder, The Day Before only launched in early access on 7th December. This means its servers will only have been active for 48 days total – even shorter than Liz Truss’ tenure as PM.

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“We extend our gratitude for the community’s support throughout the project’s life,” the statement reads. “Unfortunately, without a development team, we had no alternative choice but to officially close the project.

“We sincerely thank all our supporters throughout this journey and wish you all a happy holiday season.”

The Day Before developer Fntastic announced its shutdown just four days after its game launched in early access to an overwhelmingly negative response.

In a statement at the time, Fntastic said the game had “failed financially” and that income from the game would be used to pay off debts.

“I quickly switched it off,” Eurogamer’s Ed Nightingale wrote, giving his quick impressions on The Day Before. “It’s clear this is an incredibly basic game with little to it and, as the Steam reviews suggest, does not live up to the expectations set by Fntastic.”

Steam is now “proactively” refunding the game to anyone yet to ask for their money back from publisher Mytona.

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