Egg-cooking is the name of the game

Tamago - The Eggshibit lets you flip your way to victory in a war of the eggs
  • Tamago – The Eggshibit is a unique puzzle-physics game that challenges you to flip your way to victory
  • Avoid kunais and shurikens as you work to make the tastiest egg dish
  • Explore dozens of levels and multiple worlds

We often look to highlight unusual and innovative game concepts here on Pocket Gamer. While we’re always happy with an RPG, simulation game or RTS, sometimes it’s good to step outside your comfort zone. Enter today’s subject, Tamago – The Eggshibit, something we’re pretty comfortable saying is one-of-a-kind.

In Tamago, you’re tasked with the simple objective of flipping your fried egg into the air and hitting the necessary ingredients listed above. By tapping both sides of the screen you travel up, while tapping one side directs you. Of course, it’s not that simple, and aside from shurikens and kunai trying to de-yolk you, if you hit an ingredient that isn’t listed at the top of the screen, you’ll end up taking damage.

A passion project from one-man developer Michele Baldini, Tamago is out now on the iOS App Store exclusively for iPhone and iPad.

Flip it good


It’s interesting that we can report on a game like this that has had both a somewhat veiled and also meticulously documented development cycle. While Tamago lacks a trailer it does have an entire video dedicated to looking at the different features being added, and Baldini has also documented the numerous easter eggs (pun intended) in the game.

While we never call games unique as a role we’re pretty comfortable in saying that Tamago is a pretty unusual example in a relatively narrow field of egg-flipping physics-based games. So check it out today on the App Store!

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Iwan Morris


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