Syllacrostic gets major makeover on mobile with fresh puzzles and new UI

Syllacrostic gets major makeover on mobile with fresh puzzles and new UI


Syllacrostic gets major makeover on mobile with fresh puzzles and new UI
  • Syllacrostic is a challenging, syllable-solving puzzle game
  • It’s also just had a fresh new update for iOS and Android
  • You can play Syllacrostic now, for free

Syllacrostic, the brain-busting puzzle game, has had a fresh new look on mobile as it receives a major update for iOS and Android. The update features a fresh new UI and even more puzzles to challenge you with this title that’s featured on websites like USA Today and the New York Times. Coming from Pauleyco Games, who also developed Letterset, Syllacrostic is available on the web, iOS and Android.

A simple, but challenging puzzle game, in Syllacrostic you’re given a set number of syllables, and then a number of prompts to build words out of said syllables. For example ‘most lively’ might be ‘pep-pi-est’, or ‘guiding star’ could be ‘pol-ar-is’. Yes, it’s nothing too special, but it’s surprising how engaging this can be, and swapping syllables for obscure words can be a genuine brain teaser at times.

More words to baffle over

Having managed to have a go at Syllacrostic I can comfortably say it’s fairly challenging. Although your tolerance for it is probably going to be inversely proportional to how much you like other word puzzles like crosswords. But for the low, low price of free – and playable via Syllacrostic’s website – you’d be foolish not to at least give this cult hit brain-teaser a try.

And Syllacrostic isn’t the only game getting an update for mobile. Paper Trail is a stylish new indie puzzle game set in a folding paper world, which is coming to mobile exclusively via Netflix Games this April. Or maybe some fast-paced, twin-stick retro fun mixed with tower-defence gameplay is more your thing? In this case, check out the recently released Vermitron, which’s finally making the jump from PC to mobile.

As always, if you want a comprehensive breakdown of what’s coming in 2024, check out our list of the best mobile games of the year (so far).

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