Surprise! Dragon Ball: The Breakers Season 5 Adds Cross-Play

Surprise! Dragon Ball: The Breakers Season 5 Adds Cross-Play

Update: The season starts today!

Update [Thu 29th Feb, 2024 06:30 GMT]:

Here’s your reminder that Season 5 of Dragon Ball: The Breakers goes live today. This season also includes the addition of cross-play which will allow you to play with friends on PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms.

Original article [Tue 27th Feb, 2024 03:25 GMT]:

Bandai Namco has announced it will launch Season 5 of Dragon Ball: The Breakers on 29th February 2024.

It adds the new “double raider” team Zamasu and Goku Black (available with TP Tokens) who work in tandem to enact the “Zero Mortal Plan”. Along with this are three new survivor skins including Future Mai, Puar (TP Tokens), and Jaco (via Dragon Tier).

The developers have also mentioned how “more content” is planned for the near future including new Transpheres (Broly), a free new map (Dark Future), new accessories, new customisable items, new emotes, and a new vehicle skin.

As part of this update, the anticipated cross-play update has also been added. This allows you to play with users across all platforms (that’s Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and Steam) and find new friends and rivals on other platforms as well. Cross-play can be enabled and disabled in the game menu.

Will you be checking out the fifth season of Dragon Ball: The Breakers? Let us know in the comments.


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