Solid Snake heads to Fortnite today – cardboard box included

Solid Snake heads to Fortnite today – cardboard box included

Whether you simply forgot that the character was coming, or, it snuck up on you (because that’s what he does), Solid Snake makes his Fortnite debut today.

We’ve known the character was coming since the Fortnite Chapter 5 launch trailer dropped in early December. But today, we now know exactly what the tactical espionage expert brings along with him.

With the character’s inclusion, Fortnite will also be adding EMP Stealth Camo as a new item. It can render players nearly invisible for a brief amount of time. You can activate it as often as you like, though there is a cooldown timer you’ll have to wait through in between uses.

When the EMP Stealth Camo is disabled, an EMP pulse is discharged that will damage nearby shields and bring any vehicles in the area to a screeching halt. You can find the cool new item in chests, on the ground, or by purchasing it directly from Snake himself with gold bars in-game.

Also being introduced to the battle royale is Snake’s iconic cardboard box. These empty boxes are littered throughout the island. Some of them may contain special forces NPCs. Others will just be empty for you to take along with you. Just like the EMP Stealth Camo, you can find the cardboard boxes across the island randomly, in chests, or via purchase from Snake.

What Snake skins and items are in Fortnite?

As far as outfits go, we’re getting ones specifically for Solid Snake’s character. The standard Solid Snake skin is unlocked pretty early by completing page one of Snake’s Quests. With it, you get the character’s iconic look and can choose to toggle Snake’s night vision goggles on or off. Completing page two of Snake’s Quests will grant you the Old Snake skin from Metal Gear Solid 4.

Outside of skins, players can earn Snake’s Stun Knife Pickaxe, Solid Profile Spray, ! Emote, and ! Banner. There’s also an awesome-looking Tactical Advantage Loading Screen that fans are sure to love.

On top of those items, you can also collect the Metal Gear Mk. II Back Bling, Hidden? Emoticon, the really cool-looking Slider Glider, and a Snake Skin Wrap. The requirements of each can be found in the most recent Fortnite blog post.

Today’s newest trailer also hints toward Raiden’s upcoming inclusion to the Fortnite roster. There have been leaks recently suggesting as much, and the character can be seen towards the beginning of today’s new footage as he snipes from afar protecting Snake.

If you have the latest battle pass, sneak on over to Fortnite and start working toward unlocking the greatest spy of them all. Solid Snake Quests end on March 8.

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