RPS is on our winter holidays now, please don’t email us until 2024

RPS is on our winter holidays now, please don’t email us until 2024

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There’s still a bunch of stuff for you to read, though

Cleaning a tree and presents in the corner of Santa's Worskshop in the free PowerWash Simulator 2023 seasonal level

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Seriously. I have had new emails today from PRs. What are you doing? Genuine question. But yes, Rock Paper Shotgun is closing up the treehouse for our Christmas break. It’s far too cold to sit in a treehouse at this time of year! But owing to a miscalculaton, our bosses think it’s plenty warm enough in January, so we’ll be back on Tuesday the 2nd of Jan, 2024, at which time I will continually write the wrong year on things for at least three months. I hope that, whatever you’re celebrating this season, you have a lovely few days off, as I imagine most of you will. In the meantime, we will not leave you completely bereft! Because we love you, we’ve got some hashtag content scheduled for you while we’re gone.

Saturday, which is tomorrow, brings with it the final door on our Advent Calendar, revealing our Game Of The Year 2023, which comments on Discord suggest you basically all already know – but lets go on with the charade anyway because, if nothing else, playing charades is also traditional at this time of year. Be back here at 1pm GMT for the ‘reveal’. Look, it’s a good game, what are we supposed to do?

If you were unhappy with the Advent Calendar this year then, well, ya boo sucks, but we’re once again providing a clutch of extra options with our RPS Selection Boxes, where everyone on staff picks games that they wanted to recommend but felt were cheated out of a place on the calendar or that otherwise didn’t quite make the cut. I persist in calling these hon. menchies, and you can’t stop me. There’s at least one Selection Box every day from the 26th.

Similarly, we have a few RPS Year In Review roundups to stop you becoming unmoored in time. Hi-Fi rush was this year, can you imagine? Well you don’t need to: Ed has listed off all the Bestest Best reviews we gave out this year, we’ve got a best features selection, and (the one I always find most interesting) the guides gang have looked at what defined 2023 from a guides perspective.

Another of my favourite things is that we put a bunch of Supporter-funded posts live for everyone, which will show up in the Latest feed as they unlock, but you can also check the From The Archive tag to see them and a load of other Supporter posts that everyone can read.

Last and definitely least, of course, we have our annual Christmas Crackers, and some of the jokes this year are, just, I can’t even tell you. Just awful. We outdid ourselves. I was embarassed while scheduling them. There’s one every day of the break, so you have that to look forward to. It’ll put things in perspective. There’s a sort of Star Trek one that – no, I won’t spoil it.

And that’s just about all she wrote for this year, folks. I’m speaking to you from the past, so in actual fact I’m about to go and schedule about a million Tweets for all the stuff I just mentioned. In the right now I’m probably eating a chocolate and thinking about next year. Head to the comments and tell me what your game-related resolution for 2024 is. Mine is ‘play more weird stuff’, which is basically what it is every year. Have a lovely few days, gang, and thank you for everything. See you next year! On January the 2nd! I hope you won’t be too hungover!

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