Reverse: 1999 fan concert Panoramic Ripples is coming today

Reverse: 1999 fan concert Panoramic Ripples is coming today


Reverse: 1999 fan concert Panoramic Ripples is coming today
  • Reverse: 1999’s inaugural fan-concert debuts later today!
  • It’ll feature both fan artists and official performances of certain character EPs
  • The concert follows the official release of Reverse: 1999’s character EPs on music platforms

Reverse: 1999’s hotly anticipated fan concert is right around the corner. The event, Panoramic Ripples, will be livestreamed on YouTube and features not just reinterpretations of in-game music, but also fans performing their own musical renditions based on the hit gacha title. The concert is set to debut on March 16th at 20:00 (UTC-5), later today!

The fan artists performing at the event include Brazilian pianist Vinheteiro, vtuber (virtual YouTuber) Rachie and SoCal VoCals, one of the University of Southern California’s oldest acapella groups. The event coincides with the recent release of the game’s official soundtrack on platforms like Spotify. You can watch the full livestreamed concert using the video below!

Jazz for your soul


Reverse: 1999’s emphasis on music is pretty obvious from just a few minutes of playing it. Aside from the fact that one of the main characters, Regulus, is the host of her own pirate radio station, there’s also plenty of – actually quite pleasant – background music to enjoy. It’s also a great way to engage with musically inclined fans, by hosting an actual concert devoted to letting them show off their talents.

Indeed, it may be that we have something special in the pipeline to find out a little more about where exactly the inspiration for Reverse: 1999’s music came from, so stay tuned.

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