Reesa Teesa Of Viral “Who TF Did I Marry” Series Seemingly Responds To Charlamagne Tha God’s “Big Back” Comments (WATCH)

Reesa Teesa Of Viral “Who TF Did I Marry” Series Seemingly Responds To Charlamagne Tha God’s “Big Back” Comments (WATCH)

Reesa Teesa of the viral TikTok series, “Who TF Did I Marry,” sat down with Tamron Hall and discussed the hurtful comments she’s received from social media, USA Today reports. In addition, she addressed body-shaming remarks from Charlamagne Tha God and Jess Hilarious.

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Here’s What Charlamagne Tha God & Jess Hilarious Said

The Atlanta native’s 50-part series has been a hot topic for weeks, and ‘The Breakfast Club’ gave their take on the Lifetime movie-ish saga.

“To be honest with you, I hear a lot of big back behavior. She got a big back?”

To which Jess responded, “She do. She do give Shelia. That was driving up the mountain.”

The comedian referenced a scene from Tyler Perry’s film, ‘Why Did I Get Married?.’ Jill Scott’s character is forced to drive to a cabin in the mountains alone for a couples’ trip after she is unable to fit in her airplane seat.

“She was beautiful, though,” Charlamagne retorted.

“You talked about the big back, not the face,” Jess shot back.

DJ Envy entered the convo, not fully grasping Charlamagne’s issue.

With a screwed face, he asked, “What’s your thing with big backs?”

“Big Backs, y’all gotta stop being so thirsty for a man,” Charlamagne stated. “There is a man out there for you. This woman believed all of this because she wanted to believe all of this. Big back belief isn’t like everybody else’s belief. She said it herself. He said everything I wanted to hear. She wanted to believe whatever was coming out of his mouth because she wanted a man so bad.”

Jess co-signed his sentiments then quipped, “And then I seen him and he actually looked like her.”

Reesa Teesa Seemingly Reacts To The Personalities’ Comments

Reesa Teesa was clearly offended by the comments between the co-hosts.

“And then there was this very famous personality that called me a ‘Big Back,” talking about my weight,” she told Tamron. “I can already admit that I’m self-conscious. You know, as a heavier woman.”

“I feel like how I look should not dictate whether or not I deserved the mistreatment.”

“It was disappointing, and it was hurtful,” she told Tamron.

“Especially the one that was the more famous personality. Because, again, I’m more than just my weight,” she said with a sorrowful expression.

The Viral TikToker Shares Words Of Encouragement

Furthermore, the content creator addressed commenters who claimed that she was attention-seeking.

Reesa shared, “The ones that say that she did this for clout. This is not the way to get clout because you are literally opening yourself up and being vulnerable.”

Reesa admits that the criticism has been difficult, but she says the positive remarks from men and women have helped her push through.

“It’s hard. I will admit this… I appreciate when I met both men and women who have said thank you. Because for me, I’m like, okay, I know I’m getting attacked, but it did help somebody”, she said. “When I hear someone that says, ‘Girl, I watched all 50 parts,’ I genuinely am humbled that someone took 500 minutes out of their life to watch this story that I went through.”

Reesa had a warning for those who are rushing to get married and have kids within a particular timeframe. She urged viewers to follow their gut instinct and not to ignore red flags.

“And my prayer is that again if there is a woman or man that’s like, ‘I wanna be married. I want kids, I want this, and I need to have it right now.’ And you know something wrong, but you’re afraid to investigate because you’re afraid that you might be wrong… I’m here to say look — it costs nothing to verify, but if you don’t verify, honey, it may cost you everything.”

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