Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, January 2024

Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, January 2024

You’re focused on your goals and hopes for the future as the sun moves through your chart’s house of hopes and dreams during Capricorn season, which began on December 21. This can put you in touch with your friends and network, the people who make your dreams come true.

New Year’s celebrations may be confronted with melancholic feelings, cheer met with reality, as emotional Venus clashes with serious Saturn on January 1. You might feel like a wet blanket, or in the mood to celebrate constructively rather than frivolously. Communication is also a little slow as Mercury retrograde ends on January 1, implying delays.

Despite the slow start of the year, you’re looking forward and thinking about the future. Your ambition and strength to achieve your goals is supported as action planet Mars enters Capricorn on January 4, where it will keep you motivated through the month.

You’re clearing the air once again as Mercury clashes with Neptune on January 9 for the third time (think back to November 27 and December 27). This can have you refining your beliefs and your title, with enough wiggle room to adapt to your surroundings. It can be embarrassing to wobble in public, but vulnerability makes you relatable.

Also on January 9 the sun harmonizes with Uranus, showing you alternative routes to making your dreams come true. You might be open to more unconventional and state-of-the-art approaches. You have more patience with yourself and are willing to take extra time climbing the mountain as Mars connects with Saturn, also on January 9. You’re able to focus and lead others, too.

The new moon falls in your chart’s house of hopes and dreams on January 11: This is a good date to make a vision board, or simply visualize where you would like to be this time next year or even further down the line. The vision for your future might be radically different than it used to be, and you’re ok with that—this new moon harmonizes with inventive Uranus!

Your ambitions are supercharged as Mars harmonizes with your planetary ruler, Jupiter, on January 12. Your mental attitude can give you the courage and perseverance to follow through on your goals. Use this time to take on something that requires bravery and strength.

Mercury, no longer retrograde, enters Capricorn again on January 13, resurfacing conversations from December 1. Now that you’ve had time to observe the lay of the land, you can structure your tasks wisely and plot the most sensible course of action.

Turn on the charm as the sun connects with Neptune on January 15: This is like when Norma Jean switches something in her brain and becomes Marilyn Monroe. Your power of glamour and mystique is accessed, and you can see your dreams come true.

Serious conversations are working through the knots as Mercury connects with Saturn for the third time on January 18 (think back to December 2 and 21). This is the final confirmation that sets things in stone, at least for now, in a way that sits right with you. A reasonable and safe agreement is made.

You can be open-minded and certain of yourself as Mercury harmonizes with Jupiter for the third time on January 19 (think back to December 7 and 18). You’re thinking beyond mental blocks, and finding open-ended but satisfying answers. 

You can have a moment of confronting your own expectations as Venus clashes with dreamy Neptune on January 19: When you see how you were mistaken or under a false impression, your feelings can change. This aspect might also find you trying out different styles, trends, or creative outlets.

On January 20 the sun meets with power planet Pluto, showing you what’s hidden behind the curtain when it comes to social networks, political agendas, or your own desire for success and power. This is also the day that Aquarius season begins and the sun enters a psychological sector of your chart, which can find you in the mood for privacy and reflection. Pluto enters Aquarius, deepening your connection with your spiritual and political power. 

Your social life gets sweeter as Venus enters your chart’s house of friendships and community on January 23: This is a time to connect with your network and show your appreciation for the people who make your dreams possible!

The full moon in Leo falls on January 25, illuminating your chart’s axis of service. Feelings about your level of job satisfaction, or how you feel about your health and lifestyle, are there for you to explore. This full moon squares off with Jupiter, which might represent a change of heart, or a change in the way that you describe yourself and your duties.

You might be more interested in exploring spiritual, political, and metaphysical mysteries as the sun clashes with Jupiter on January 27. You’re taking a deeper look at your own mental processes, which can change your perspective on yourself and where you stand. You might be interested in unconventional or tech-centric modes of communication as Uranus ends its retrograde on this day. 

You’ll have a lot of hot, passionate ideas and plans as Mercury meets with Mars, also on January 27—make sure you find the right teammates to carry out your direction! While you’re excited to make things happen quickly, you’re still comfortable with going at your own pace. Tap into a sense of security and trust in yourself as Venus connects with Saturn on January 28,  encouraging you to trust the long and winding process. 

Venus also harmonizes with Jupiter on January 28, putting you at peace with the direction that your future is unfolding. You can have a strange and charismatic way of speech as Mercury harmonizes with Uranus, also on January 28—your ability to move a crowd and make them laugh is turned up!

You might be in the mood to do something different, just for the sake of being different, as Mars harmonizes with Uranus on January 29, giving you a rebellious edge. You can feel like you’re on fire for revolution.

Good luck Pisces, and see you in February!


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