MONICA CROWLEY and BENNY JOHNSON: Conservative alternative media has created a ‘meltdown’ on the left

MONICA CROWLEY and BENNY JOHNSON: Conservative alternative media has created a ‘meltdown’ on the left

Political commentator Monica Crowley recently joined Benny Johnson on his show “In the Arena” to delve into the evolution of independent media and her experience working for President Richard Nixon.

During the conversation, Crowley reflected on her time working for Nixon in the 1990s, particularly during the last years of his life. She recalled discussions with Nixon about the media landscape of that era, which was vastly different from today’s media environment dominated by cable television and social media, and alternative media like podcasting.

Nixon, Crowley explained, was president during a time when the media landscape was limited, with only a handful of major TV channels and newspapers, all of which leaned towards left-wing ideology. According to Crowley, Nixon proposed the idea of Republican leaders purchasing one of the major news channels to provide a conservative viewpoint, a concept that foreshadowed the emergence of conservative media outlets like FOX News.

“This idea that Nixon was going to try to get a fair and balanced approach with a conservative viewpoint represented into everybody’s homes… that was a huge, huge threat to the media complex,” Crowley remarked.

Crowley referred to this idea as the origin of modern conservative media.

Crowley also highlighted the benefits of the went on to emphasize the benefits of alternative forms of media. She explained how conservative voices like Tucker Carlson, for example, have challenged the monopoly of left-leaning mainstream media outlets, leading to frustration from many on the left.

“This is why you’re seeing today this absolute meltdown from the left… they have lost their absolute grip on the narrative,” Crowley explained. “There are so many people out there who are going over the heads of the media gatekeepers and bringing the truth to the American people.”

“The powers that be do not want anything that is not controlled opposition,” Crowley added.

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