Minecraft unleashes The King of Monsters with Godzilla DLC

Minecraft unleashes The King of Monsters with Godzilla DLC

Minecraft Godzilla DLC

Yep, you heard that right. Godzilla has been unleashed on the world of Minecraft. Mojang and Microsoft released the Godzilla-themed DLC by Japanese studio Team-KYO on the Minecraft Marketplace today. According to the Minecraft blog, players will start in movie theater screening rooms before picking one of four adventures from the iconic Godzilla films.

Look, I know Minecraft gets a ton of DLC. And honestly, I’m usually not too interested in it. But come on, it’s Godzilla! Obviously, the King of Monsters himself is featured in the DLC, but based on the trailer, other monsters will be making an appearance including Gigan, King Kong, and King Ghidorah. Maybe we’ll even see Mechagodzilla, right?

It looks like each of the four adventures in the DLC has its own gameplay modes. The blog told us about two. In the first, players have to flee from Godzilla in an escape mission. In the second, players are tasked with speed building to create walls and obstructions in an attempt to contain Godzilla and save the city. All four adventures can be played in multiplayer and have unique rewards for completing and exploring them.

The Minecraft Godzilla DLC is available now on the Minecraft Marketplace for 1510 Minecoins. The closest amount to that you can purchase is 1720 Minecoins for $9.99.

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