Kitchify Unveils “Menu Builder” – A Revolutionary Feature to Master Food Cost Management for Restaurants

Kitchify Unveils “Menu Builder” – A Revolutionary Feature to Master Food Cost Management for Restaurants

Since its inception in 2017, Kitchify has been at the forefront of transforming the restaurant industry’s approach to procurement and cost management. Today, Kitchify is proud to announce the launch of “Menu Builder,” an innovative feature designed to revolutionize how restaurants manage food costs and menu pricing. Building on Kitchify’s already robust platform, which provides comprehensive price comparison and order management across all vendor accounts, “Menu Builder” offers an unparalleled tool for tracking and optimizing food cost percentages in real-time.

Kitchify’s “Menu Builder” leverages the unique pricing data from each restaurant’s vendors, integrated into Kitchify’s platform, to help build recipes and menu items. This new feature enables restaurants to maintain optimal food cost percentages by adjusting variables such as supplier choices, portion sizes, price changes, or ingredient swaps. With live updates and historical tracking, restaurants can ensure their menu remains profitable and aligned with their financial goals.

**Features and Benefits:**

– **Advanced Food Cost Management:** “Menu Builder” allows restaurants to calculate the food cost percentage of each menu item, using live pricing data from their vendors, ensuring accurate and up-to-date cost management.
– **Real-Time Optimization:** Restaurants can adjust various factors, such as changing a supplier or tweaking a recipe, to see how these changes affect their food cost percentage, enabling instant decision-making to maintain profitability.
– **Historical Tracking:** The feature tracks food cost percentages over time, providing valuable insights into cost trends and helping restaurants make informed pricing and procurement decisions.
– **Integration with Existing Services:** “Menu Builder” complements Kitchify’s existing offerings, including price comparison and one-click order submission, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for restaurant procurement and cost management.

“Since Kitchify’s launch, we’ve been dedicated to helping restaurants across the United States streamline their procurement processes and save money,” said Mark Schuwerk, Founder of Kitchify. “With the introduction of ‘Menu Builder,’ we’re taking another significant step towards empowering our clients to achieve even greater efficiency and profitability. This feature is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our understanding of the critical role food cost management plays in a restaurant’s success.”

Kitchify’s continued expansion of features and services underscores its position as a leader in the restaurant technology sector. By providing tools that address the industry’s most pressing challenges, Kitchify helps restaurants of all sizes optimize their operations and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

For more information about Kitchify and the new “Menu Builder” feature, or to schedule a demo, visit or send an email to

**About Kitchify:**

Founded in 2017, Kitchify is a pioneering technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the restaurant industry’s procurement and cost management processes. By integrating innovative software solutions with comprehensive industry knowledge, Kitchify offers a suite of tools designed to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability for restaurants nationwide. Kitchify is committed to helping its clients navigate the complexities of the restaurant business with ease and confidence.

About Kitchify

Kitchify is an innovative platform designed to streamline the procurement process for restaurants by offering automated price comparison and one-click ordering across various vendors. It helps restaurant owners and chefs save time and reduce costs by providing real-time pricing data and efficient management tools.

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