Kamaru Usman’s Failure Against Leon Edwards Means the End of the Road for the Ex-UFC Champ, Claims Colby Covington

Kamaru Usman’s Failure Against Leon Edwards Means the End of the Road for the Ex-UFC Champ, Claims Colby Covington

Colby Covington has no faith in the Kamaru Usman we see today. Even though ‘Chaos’ lost to the Usman on two occasions, he believes that ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ is not the same anymore. In fact, he hasn’t been the same since losing the title to Leon Edwards. But why is that so?

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Leon Edwards is the reigning champion who has already won a title defense against Usman once. Now, he has to win against Covington at UFC 296. So is there a way to convince Edwards that the Usman he’s fought and won against wasn’t the same that Covington fought? Here’s what ‘Chaos’ had to say.

Colby Covington on Kamaru Usman


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Recently, Covington appeared for an interview with ESPN MMA, where he spoke about a bunch of things regarding his upcoming fight and was very keen on detailing the downfall of Usman. He believed that perhaps his growing age was bringing his performance down by a lot.

“I’ve seen a guy that dropped off in Kamaru who’s just looking to fight for paychecks now,” Covington continued, “It doesn’t look like he has that same hunger anymore. Maybe his body’s catching up to him.” Usman is 36 years old which does warrant worrying in the realm of combat sport. But more than age, perhaps it’s his damaged knees.


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Usman has had trouble with his knees for long. After various surgeries he can fight but how well can he battle? Joe Rogan once claimed that he has to walk on grass at points because walking on concrete hurts his knees. He’s also been rumored to have climbed down the stairs backward to avoid the pain.

Either way, the facts remain as brutal as ever. Usman is out of the race for the title for the time being and it’s Covington’s turn. The 35-year-old will most likely pressure Edwards around the cage but will that help him get his title? More importantly, will all of Covington’s tactics bring in big numbers for the pay-per-view?

Edwards and Covington are Ice and Fire

Colby Covington is to Leon Edwards what a full Can of Redbull is to a good night’s sleep. While one seems casually confident in his abilities, another shouts it out energetically. That has been the narrative from day one. Edwards has done significantly fewer interviews while Covington shows up for one or the other almost every week.


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Clearly, ‘Chaos’ is putting in the work to attract the audience. No wonder Dana White has nothing but love for him. Covington is one of the most rage-baiting trash talkers in the UFC which is both loved and hated by the fans. Edwards on the other hand speaks calmly as if he can see the future.

Both these personalities are at the very end of the spectrum, only, they’re on two different sides. Edwards has already predicted that Covington will just be his “13th win in a row”, while, ‘Chaos’ has called Edwards many names, ranging from undeserving to uneducated.


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So will Edwards be able to give him the fight of his life? We’ll find out December 16th.

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