JACK POSOBIEC: ‘Today we declare death to Satan’

JACK POSOBIEC: ‘Today we declare death to Satan’

JACK POSOBIEC: 'Today we declare death to Satan'

Jack Posobiec delivered a powerful opening monologue on Human Events Daily Friday, after the satanic altar that was being displayed in the Capitol of Iowa was destroyed and the statue of Baphomet was beheaded by a man who was then arrested and charged with vandalism.

“Today we get to declare death to Satan, Posobiec declared, “we heard that in the state of Iowa, America’s Heartland, the city of Des Moines, a patriot Christian, a Christian warrior, rose up and said – this satanic statue must be taken down.”

“His name is Michael Cassidy. He is a veteran officer of the United States military. He’s a shipmate of mine,” said Posobiec, who is a former Navy intelligence officer.

“And, folks, what can I say?,” he asked. “That when an abomination was defiling America’s heartland, God sent an Irishman named Michael Cassidy to take care of business.”

He stated that “we’re done debating with evil. We are not interested in making peace with evil.”

“Do not make peace with evil, destroy it. Strike it down when it is found within your midst. It could not be clearer.” He quoted the Bible: “For the Son of God was sent to destroy the works of Satan.” 1 John 3:8 

“Tolerance is not a Christian virtue.”

“The old right is dead and buried. The new right is ascendant, the trad right is ascendant,” said Posobiec who coined the term earlier in the week.

“We are a repudiation of that which came before. The weakness will be exercised from this movement, the weakness and the temerity, it is gone, we declare victory. We are ascendant.”

Posobiec broadcast his show from Phoenix, where he is attending Turning Point USA’s America Fest (AmFest) conference. 

“Go look at the people that are appearing at AmFest this weekend,” he said. “We’re not building an event, we’re building your new movement. If you don’t like it, you better get used to it.”

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