I Ruined My Grandparents’ Funeral as I Revealed the Evil Faces of My Family to Everyone

I Ruined My Grandparents’ Funeral as I Revealed the Evil Faces of My Family to Everyone

The loss of our nearest and dearest is always a pain that’s almost physical, and when our grandparents pass away, the whole epoch is gone with them from our lives. Our today’s heroine is a 33-year-old woman, whose grandparents both passed away suddenly. The woman’s grief was immense, but what was even bigger is the shock that she experienced when her family members started behaving in a nasty way during the funeral. They drowned in their own lies, and the woman exposed their true faces to everyone right on that very sad day.

Camilla’s beloved grandparents both suddenly passed away.

Our reader, a 33-year-old woman named Camilla, wrote us a very emotional letter and shared a story that made us have a whole spectrum of feelings. The woman did something that made other people judge her, but her reason for it was more than noble. Camilla wanted justice, and she couldn’t bear the situation that occurred in her family and blossomed during her grandparents’ funeral.

The woman opened her letter, saying, “My grandparents passed away recently. I didn’t expect this at all, and I wasn’t emotionally prepared for losing two dearest people in my life just on the same day. I followed the guidelines that my granny set up beforehand for their final event. She mentioned the church, their burial plot, and left thorough instructions on the rest of the arrangements. My whole family wasn’t expecting for it to be a joint funeral.
So, I sent out the notifications to their friends and the rest of the family after the date was set. All of their friends came, but to my shock, not a single family member showed up. I was dumbfounded by this disrespect, though I hadn’t seen most of them in about 6 years.”

Camilla revealed, “I spent this day with my grandparents’ friends, and then I simply went back home to cry my heart out. I had been my grandparents’ sole caregiver, and I didn’t even imagine what I would do without them in my life anymore.
I had taken care of them for 17 years. I started helping them with little things like lifting heavy items for them, and then I ended up changing their bed twice a night, oftentimes. I was so empty, and I started scrolling through my grandpa’s Facebook to look at the photos he posted before he passed away.”

Camilla experienced a huge shock when she made a nasty revelation about her family.

The desperate woman goes on with her story, saying, “I came across some Facebook group, opened about 3 years ago, that was being flooded with posts and comments. When I kept poking around, I found out it was my mom who was actually hosting a funeral at her church and she was attempting to get final expenses taken care of. I was shocked.
I hadn’t spoken to my mother since a bad family incident when I threw her out of the house for stealing some jewelry. On that day, she upset grandma terribly by blaming her that she forgot about her birthday because of her Alzheimer’s.”

Camilla decided to attend the funeral that was arranged by her mother. She revealed, “I went to that funeral my mother arranged and waited until my mother got up to say a word. She started telling everyone how hard it was taking care of my grandparents, and at that moment something inside me roared to life.
I interrupted her and loudly said that she didn’t pay for anything for my grandparents. I told everyone, in a loud voice, that I put them to rest at the funeral grandma had planned herself a few days prior. I told people the truth that my mother had never paid for any of their care, and she hasn’t even seen them for many years.”

The true faces of the rest of family members were exposed soon enough.

Camilla goes on with her story, saying, “I was forced to leave because of my speech. I drove home and I got a call from a cousin, who was asking me if what I said was true. After I confirmed it was, and after I insisted that I could even provide proof, she explained to me that my mother had been taking money from the whole family for years to pay for grandparents’ care at a facility because grandma and grandpa had outlived their insurance policy.
She also told me that I got a lot of people in trouble because in my speech I insisted that I had done it all alone for years without any help. And it turned out that many family members had been using my grandparents as an excuse to get out of work, and they had invited their coworkers to the funeral. When they heard my outburst, the relatives were in trouble for lying.”

Camilla revealed, “The cousin then asked me about the inheritance and when it would be passed out. I told her that it had already been taken care of. I believed I was in the right to do it, but now I’m really doubting myself after so many family members were calling me to tell me that I handled it really poorly.”

Camilla’s life is now a mess, and so are her relatives’ lives.

The woman revealed, “I feel that I was in a wrong because of my speech at the memorial service my mother held. But at the same time, I feel like it was an absolutely necessary thing to do, and my grandparents would approve of me telling the truth to people whom they knew.”

Camilla revealed, “Some of my family members are living through the toughest times now. One of my uncles lost his job. He had many schemes going on at his workplace, and he got his coworkers to donate around $9,000 in total for my grandma. There were some gossip queens who attended the funeral, and they told about the speech that I made to everyone at work, so the day after the uncle was in trouble with HR.
His daughter, my cousin, is furious with her dad and my mom. She and 2 other cousins of mine are now suing my mother for taking money from them. They believed they were helping pay for 24-hour care at the facilities. Every month my mom got between 1,000 and 4,000 from our family members. She complained to them how hard it was to take care of grandparents and provided many details that just weren’t true.”

Camilla confessed, “I feel so lost now. Jobs are so important for these people, and it’s going to affect them and their partners, their kids and even their pets. I feel so guilty about those other people who got affected, but at the same time, I still think this was a fair thing to do. Am I in a wrong here? What would you do in my situation?”

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