Guide: Every Game In Nintendo’s ‘Partner Spotlight’ eShop Sale (North America)

Guide: Every Game In Nintendo’s ‘Partner Spotlight’ eShop Sale (North America)

Nintendo Partner Spotlight eShop Sale (NA)
Image: Nintendo Life

After the announcement of the European eShop’s ‘Blockbuster Sale’, we had a sneaky suspicion that North America would be treated to one of its own before long. Sure enough, the ‘Partner Spotlight Sale’ has kicked off on the US eShop today, bringing up to 80% off a selection of tasty third-party titles.

The sale began on 28th March and will run until 8th April so you have a good bit of time to decide what to spend your bucks on.

Now, there may not be quite as many games included in this one as we saw in the aforementioned Europe sale, but that’s not to say there aren’t some discounted gems to be found here.

We have listed all 32 games specifically included in the ‘Partner Spotlight’ eShop sale below, in alphabetical order — click on the game title or the ‘Review’ button to read our full verdict on each game — though you can find many (many) more deals on the North American eShop which is currently seeing several sales running at once.

And if something does take your fancy, you can grab some North American eShop credit from our store to make any bulk buys feel that little bit sweeter.

Let’s see what’s on offer this time…

Alien: Isolation (Switch eShop)

$14.99 (-25%)

Alien: Isolation is a survival horror masterpiece and straight-up one of the very best horror video games ever released. It’s a nerve-wracking affair – a slow, methodical game of cat and mouse against a brilliantly clever recreation of one of cinema’s most infamous killers – but if you’re up to the task you’ll find one of the most satisfying gameplay experiences in the genre; a brilliant and beautiful homage to one of the greatest Sci-Fi movies of all time. Feral Interactive has done a stellar job with this Switch port and the excellent motion controls and inclusion of all previously-released DLC only go to sweeten the deal. This is essential stuff for survival horror fans.

BioShock: The Collection (Switch)

$9.99 (-80%)

BioShock: The Collection stands as yet another fantastic port in Switch’s library, combining three excellent games and all their DLC into one convincing package. Stable performance, engrossing narratives, fun gameplay, and lots of content make this one an easy recommendation, even if these releases show their age from time to time. If you’re looking for a series of strong single-player shooters to pick up for your Switch, look no further — it’s tough to go wrong here.

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BioShock: The Collection

Bluey: The Videogame (Switch)

$31.99 (-20%)

Bluey: The Videogame successfully emulates the look and feel of the iconic TV show, but unfortunately it fails to recapture the same family magic. The gameplay is incredibly repetitive across the one-to-two-hour experience, relying on locating items dotted around the five core environments. Minigames break up the monotony somewhat, but even these fail to maintain attention for too long. That said, young children are going to get a kick out of simply existing within this world and playing as their favourite Bluey characters. If that’s all you’re looking to get out of this game, this does a decent job. But when you compare it to the all-ages magic of the show itself, and other family-focused games on Switch, this falls well short of the source material.

Bluey: The Videogame

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk (Switch eShop)

$25.99 (-35%)

No matter how excellent its soundtrack or sense of momentum may be, there’s no shaking the sense that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is in a race against its own sense of nostalgia. The game rips, but more often than not it feels like that’s because Jet Set Radio ran before it. That’s not to say it’s bad, but part of what makes Jet Set Radio so fun and unique is its raw originality. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk feels like a sequel in everything but name—for better and for worse. For every banger in its soundtrack, there’s a moment of jank or a feeling that this game hasn’t left 2000. Again, it’s still a great time, but it’s lacking that lightning-in-a-bottle feel that JSR had. That’s totally fine, and for people who missed out on it, this will feel much fresher.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Borderlands Legendary Collection (Switch)

$9.99 (-80%)

Borderlands Legendary Collection is an excellent Switch showing for this beloved series, though it’s difficult to determine if the price is right; sure, there’s an enormous amount of content here so you’re certainly not being ripped off, but it’s old content and these games are routinely extremely cheap on other services. Still, it’s a technically excellent port of three expansive, enjoyable shooters, and they’re a perfect fit for the Switch. Whether played alone or with pals, the gameplay is terrific to dip into for 20 minutes or get stuck into for a massive grinding session. If you’ve somehow never played Borderlands before, you can’t go wrong with this set. And if you have, but want to try a different character class on the bus ride home, now’s your chance.

Borderlands Legendary Collection

Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle (Switch eShop)

$9.99 (-50%)

The Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle illustrates perfectly why the humble side-scrolling fighter was the toast of video gaming in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Addictive, enjoyable, and – perhaps most important of all – bloody good fun when played co-operatively with friends, all of the titles in this seven-strong compendium are worth your time, and by adding robust local and multiplayer support, Capcom has done its utmost to ensure they find favour with a whole new generation of gamers. If you’re not a fan of the genre then you may well be wondering what all the fuss is about, but for everyone else, this is a must-have download.

Capcom Belt Action Collection

Capcom Fighting Bundle (Switch eShop)

$24.99 (-58%)

A bundle that compiles the Capcom Fighting Collection and the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection in one neat package. You can find our thoughts on both below.

Capcom Fighting Collection does exactly what it sets out to do, and bar a few very minor presentational oversights, is a product with years of longevity. It’s a shame to lose those bonus characters present in previous console releases, and you do need to consider what appeals to you when considering a purchase. If you want the best Darkstalkers collection, look no further. If you want to experience Red Earth and take it online, the time has finally arrived. Or, for Street Fighter II diehards, Anniversary Edition’s modernised netcode really lets you be a world warrior.

Bar Red Earth, however, this isn’t the first time these games have been released, and it surely won’t be the last. A purchasing decision comes down to how many times you have bought these titles before, how much time you spend on MAME (which has been a viable, albeit illegal, option for years) or whether or not you just want the most polished, accurate, easy-access fighting game experience to date, either at home on your TV or portably on the go. If you fall into the latter category, it’s a no-brainer.

While some of the games included in this compendium are rendered somewhat superfluous by the fact that far superior sequels and updates exist alongside them, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection remains an utterly essential purchase for any self-respecting fighting game fan. Because of Street Fighter’s importance to the genre, this is like a history lesson in how the one-on-one fighter has evolved over time; from its rather bumbled inception with the original Street Fighter to its break-out moment with the sequel and its slow and steady refinement with the Super, Alpha and Street Fighter III sub-series. Granted, you’ll end up wanting more – it would have been nice to see some of the spin-off titles like X-Men Vs. Street Fighter make the cut, if only as bonus items – but it’s not the fault of the game that we’re inherently greedy by nature. The only other point to make is that the experience really benefits from using the right controller; while the Joy-Con are perfectly acceptable when you’re hosting impromptu local multiplayer challenges and the Pro Controller’s D-Pad is passable, we found the 8bitdo SN30 and SN30 Pro pads to be much better options, and if you have an arcade stick that’s compatible with Switch, now is the ideal time to dig it out – this is fighting game nirvana, pure and simple.

Cult of the Lamb (Switch eShop)

$17.99 (-40%)

Cult of the Lamb proves to be a remarkably fresh take on the roguelite genre, not just in its goofy and creepy aesthetic, but in its smart blending of action and survival mechanics. Gameplay remains tense without ever feeling like it’s unfair and a steady stream of unlockables and collectables ensures that your efforts are always rewarded. It’s just a shame that the performance isn’t up to snuff, at least at launch, as that’s really the only major complaint that we have here. We’d still give this a hearty recommendation to anyone who thinks it might be up their alley; it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Cult of the Lamb proves itself to be a great new addition to the Switch library.

The ‘Cultist Edition’ included in this sale adds in a seven-piece decoration pack and five exclusive Follower forms.

Cult of the Lamb Deluxe Edition

Cult of the Lamb Standard Edition

Disney Dreamlight Valley (Switch eShop)

$29.99 (-25%)

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a frictionless, relaxing spin on life sims that manages to remain heartwarming and charming. Dreamlight Valley’s unique identity relies heavily on fresh interactions with your in-game friends, and developer Gameloft will be adding to and supporting it with regular updates to keep the Night Thorns from creeping back in — which will be essential for the game’s longevity. However, what arrived at launch was surprisingly touching and thoughtful right off the bat, cleverly playing on the nostalgia of anyone who’s ever counted themselves a Disney fan. Let’s hope it keeps on growing.

You can also pick up the game’s ‘Gold Edition’ in this sale for $45.49.

DOOM (Switch)

$7.99 (-80%)

DOOM is one of the best first-person shooters we’ve ever played — an incredible game, flaws and all — and it’s certainly one of the best in its class on Switch. There’s a certain magical quality about having a game this good on the go. Its brilliant campaign is reason enough to pick it up, but DOOM’s multiplayer was also surprisingly good, with small arenas that make matches feel reminiscent of the halcyon days of first-person shooters when Unreal Tournament reigned supreme. While it’s perhaps not as polished as it is on other formats, having DOOM in portable form is a revelation, and developer Panic Button deserves high praise for porting over id Software’s classic title so brilliantly.


DOOM Eternal (Switch eShop)

$9.99 (-75%)

DOOM Eternal has undergone one of the most severe visual downgrades we’ve ever seen in order to get the game running on Switch, but the fact that it runs at a solid 30 frames per second and, most importantly, is still fantastically good fun means this ‘impossible’ port is nothing short of a miracle. The looks may have taken a hit, but the non-stop action, incredible soundtrack and sheer satisfaction in taking out hordes of demons all add up to a game that is just as pure as it was on other formats.

DOOM Eternal: Rip and Tear Pack DLC [Download Code - UK/EU]

EA Sports FC 24 (Switch)

$17.99 (-70%)

After years of lazy, half-hearted Legacy Editions, EA Sports has finally delivered a football game on the Switch that offers full feature parity with other consoles. A much-needed engine upgrade trades frame rate for fidelity, but with EA Sports FC 24 Switch owners finally have a port they can be proud of, rather than feeling like an afterthought.


Fae Farm (Switch)

$41.99 (-30%)

A gloriously thoughtful and beautiful farming game that’s packed to the brim with details and charm, Fae Farm is unfortunately let down by its lacklustre NPCs and social dynamics. But with the rest of the game being so enticing, we’re almost willing to let it slide. A handful of bugs, a bit of a grind, and a sinfully boring spouse can’t quite take the shine off this wonderful, whimsical world that’s full of things to do and discover.

Fae Farm

Goat Simulator: The GOATY (Switch eShop)

$5.99 (-80%)

Goat Simulator: The GOATY is a definitive edition of Coffee Stain Studios’ slapstick destruction simulator, and as such, it’s a mixed bag that varies wildly in quality. The base modes are fun for about five minutes, and there’s only so much entertainment to be had from launching a farm animal from the top of a roller coaster before it becomes dull. The Waste of Space and MMO Simulator expansions are decent fun in their own right thanks to a greater sense of structure, but the purposefully crude mechanics will start to grate after a while. This is a package that arguably works best as a smartphone proposition for when you’ve got five minutes to kill; when placed on a proper console with many more worthy uses of your time, it all starts to feel more than a little inconsequential.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition (Switch)

$29.99 (-50%)

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition on Switch delivers three of gaming’s true greats in a shockingly rough package that manages to suck pretty much all of the fun out of Rockstar’s stellar crime epics. This is a poor port, a shoddy, stuttery, low-resolution mess full of bugs, glitches, audio problems, and more besides. Patches are hopefully incoming, but if can grab this one on any other platform, we’d advise you do so or, at the very least, hold off until those patches have arrived and things have hopefully improved. As things stand, this is a very, very long way from ‘definitive’ — this isn’t the way we want to remember these games.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

Inscryption (Switch eShop)

$9.99 (-50%)

It’s hard to talk about the specifics of Inscryption without diluting some of its magic. However, its ingenuity is mind-boggling, its mood is devilishly haunting, and its presentation is first-rate. As a deck builder, it’s stretched about as far as it can go, and by jumping around between concepts it sometimes asks for a lot from the player. The pay-off, however, is one of the most impressive feats of video game storytelling there is. If you’re new to Daniel Mullins Games, then you’re in for even more of a treat, but existing fans, too, shouldn’t think they have the measure of what awaits on Inscryption’s dusty old floppy disk.

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