Google has an adorable surprise for ‘Chocobo’ or ‘Final Fantasy’ search results

Google has an adorable surprise for ‘Chocobo’ or ‘Final Fantasy’ search results

Google has a long history of easter eggs, from HTML trickery to paying homage to Bletchley Park with a very apt decoding animation. I can say with certainty that I wasn’t expecting to see a stampede of Chocobos on my screen today, though.

But that’s what happens if you do a search for “Chocobo” or “Final Fantasy”, in celebration of the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Along with the adorable retro Chocobos, you’ll also see a few Cloud Strifes, complete with Buster Sword aplenty and some (slightly disorienting) shaking visuals for the links underneath.

With the excitement surrounding the long awaited release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, it makes sense that Google would add this feature as they’ve done for popular titles in the past, such as the Last of Us mushroom easter egg.

How to get a Chocobo stampede on Google

Final Fantasy VII Chocobo celebration on
Screenshot by Destructoid

It’s super simple to see this easter egg for yourself. All you need to do is head to Google and search “Chocobo” or “Final Fantasy”. All of the usual results will appear, but there will be a small yellow button in the middle of your browser window, toward the bottom, complete with a Chocobo silhouette. 

Clicking on this button once will result in one or two Chocobos and the accompanying shakes of the search results beneath, but the fun really starts when you repeatedly spam click. Doing so will result in a stampede of multicolored Chocobos, as well as Cloud making an appearance. 

Be careful though, maybe it’s just me being a little too over eager, but pressing the button too much may result in slowing your browser down to a standstill, at least for a little while. 

Still, it’s fun. Give it a try!

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