Get Your Hands on the Doodles x Crocs Collaboration Today!

Get Your Hands on the Doodles x Crocs Collaboration Today!

Earlier this month, Doodles NFT project announced a collaboration with Crocs! At the time we did not have much information, other than that the Doodles Crocs collab would involve shoes and jibbitz, and arrive in August. Well, now the date is finally here – mark your calendars, because this special partnership drops tomorrow! Read on to find out more.


  • Doodles and Crocs have collaborated to create colourful, phygital footwear.
  • The Doodles x Crocs Classic Clog Bundle also includes a redeemable ‘Crocs Box’ digital collectible.
  • The collection officially launches August 29th, but holders of Doodle’s original collection have access from August 28th.

colourful doodles crocs with jibbitz

Doodles x Crocs Partnership Drops Today!

Web3 lifestyle and entertainment brand Doodles is set to merge the physical and digital worlds in a groundbreaking partnership with global footwear leader Crocs. The drop date is tomorrow – August 29! Doodles and Crocs will unveil a product lineup that seamlessly blends traditional fashion with modern technology.

The heart of this collaboration is the exclusive Doodles x Crocs Classic Clogs. These are accompanied by specially designed Jibbitz charms crafted by Burnt Toast, Doodles’ co-founder. Additionally, each purchase of the Doodles x Crocs Classic Clog Bundle will also include a redeemable “Crocs Box” digital collectible.

The Doodles x Crocs Box digital collectible unlocks access to 2 Doodles Wearables and a Beta Pass. This pass provides early entry to Doodles’ Stoodio, an immersive platform for customizing and creating Doodles characters. Furthermore, within this virtual realm, collectors can outfit their Doodles avatars with the latest range of Crocs wearables, each design hand-drawn by Doodles’ creative team.

Heidi Cooley, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Crocs, emphasized the unique nature of the collection, saying, “Together, we’re offering a unique collection that draws on our collective innovation and devoted fanbases that bridge the physical and digital worlds.”

The collection officially launches August 29 on the platform. However, holders of Doodles’ Original Collection digital collectibles will have exclusive access a day earlier on August 28. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on some Web3 crocs!

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