Get Quiet: How to Find Out Where You Are Really Going

Get Quiet: How to Find Out Where You Are Really Going

We’re living in frenetic times. Amid all the busyness and the FOMO, you may also feel directionless and overwhelmed. Maybe you know there’s more to life, but you have no idea what that “more” is. Maybe you sense there’s a message you need to hear, but the noise of everyday life is drowning it out.

In our latest episode of The Small Business Radio, I talked with Elaine Glass, coach, healer, and author of the transformative book “Get Quiet: Seven Simple Paths to the Truth of Who You Are”. In the interview, we explored the challenges of finding stillness in today’s hyper-connected society. Elaine pointed out that our lives are louder and busier than ever, thanks to so many electronic devices and apps at our fingertips. This constant connectivity has blurred the lines between work and home, leaving us with little room to discover who we truly are.

The Addiction to Distraction

We discussed the idea that many of us have become addicted to distraction. It’s as if we’re uncomfortable with silence, and in those quiet moments, we seek out noise to fill the void. Elaine emphasized the importance of contemplative learning, where the magic of life unfolds. She differentiates between being alone and loneliness, highlighting that solitude can be a magical experience when we embrace it as an opportunity to connect with our inner selves.

The Transformative Power of Walking Meditation

Elaine introduced us to the concept of walking meditation, a practice that combines movement with mindfulness, allowing for creativity to flourish. As a small business owner, I’ve found that being alone with my thoughts is a challenge, but it’s also where the seeds of innovation start. Elaine’s approach to walking meditation, particularly through the use of a labyrinth, resonated with me. I shared my own experience with a labyrinth in my backyard in Arizona, which has become a sanctuary for reflection and connection.

Seven Simple Paths to Self-Discovery

Elaine walked us through the seven simple paths outlined in her book, starting with nurturing your body. She stressed the importance of paying attention to our physical well-being as a gateway to understanding ourselves better. We also touched on the need to declutter our lives, from physical possessions to toxic relationships, to make room for creativity and growth.

The Challenge of Letting Go

One of the most profound discussions we had was about the difficulty of letting go of people who hold us back. Elaine advised that when we find ourselves making excuses for others or feeling unsupported, it’s time to reevaluate those relationships. She reminded us that we attract what we vibrate, and by raising our own frequency through self-transformation, we can find our tribe of like-minded individuals.

Embracing Change and Inner Work

Change is daunting, but it’s necessary for growth. Elaine’s insights on the first steps to embracing change were invaluable. She encouraged us to be honest with ourselves about the areas in our lives that need transformation and to take action towards a more authentic and expressive existence.

Listen to the entire episode with Elaine on The Small Business Radio Show.


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