Freedom Planet 2 Switch Release Delayed To Spring 2024

Freedom Planet 2 Switch Release Delayed To Spring 2024

Previously due this summer

Freedom Planet 2
Image: XSEED Games

The high-speed Sega Genesis / Mega Drive-inspired platformer sequel, Freedom Planet 2, has been delayed on Nintendo Switch and consoles, published XSEED Games has announced.

Sharing an update on Twitter today, the follow-up was due to land on the Switch earlier this year, but development has been ongoing to ensure console owners get the best possible version. The PC version came out back in 2022 and has received extremely positive reviews, with many critics stating that the game is a big improvement over its predecessor in every single way.

Here’s XSEED’s statement on the reason for the delay:

“Together with our partners at GalaxyTrail, we have made the decision to move the launch window for Freedom Planet 2 on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S to spring 2024.

It’s important to all of us that players have the same high-quality experience the PC version currently offers—as well as new and exciting features yet to be revealed. To that end, we’re going to take a bit more time to ensure we can deliver the best possible version of this fast-paced platforming adventure.

Thank you for your patience and excitement so far! We know you’re eager to return to Avalice, and we can’t wait to share more information in the new year.”

Freedom Planet, which launched in 2014 on PC and 2018 on Switch, was first developed as a Sonic the Hedgehog fan game before becoming its own thing. It was well-received and remains a popular speedrunning game, with many Sonic enthusiasts greatly enjoying the high-speed gameplay.

We also liked it quite a bit! Of the original, we said, “Freedom Planet manages to rise above and become more than the sum of its parts, imbuing a well-trodden gameplay style with fresh ideas and concepts.” And with the sequel reportedly having an even stronger identity of its own, we’re very excited to get our hands on it.

Are you disappointed to hear about Freedom Planet 2’s delay? Have you played the game on PC yet? Speed on down to the comments and let us know.

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