Forza Motorsport’s car progression system overhaul arrives today

Forza Motorsport’s car progression system overhaul arrives today

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Developer Turn 10 Studios’ previously promised overhaul of Forza Motorsport’s controversial car progression system arrives today, 11th March, on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Turn 10 confirmed it would be revisiting Forza Motorsport’s much-maligned car progression system back in January, as part of a conciliatory blog post also promising improvements for a number of other key areas, including driver AI and race regulations.

Driver AI was the focus of a major free update at the end of that same month, and now it’s the turn of car progression. Today’s enhancements, which arrive as part of what Turn 10 is referring to as Update 6, makes a number of adjustments, starting with the ability for players to equip the car parts they want to install regardless of Car Level.

Forza Motorsport – Update 6 Overview

Forza Motorsport – Update 6 overview.

As of today’s update, level restrictions on performance parts have been removed, making them all available at Car Level 1 so players can install them in any order they choose. “Whether it’s engine swaps, race tires, or body kits,” Turn 10 writes in its update notes, “you will have the freedom to build cars your way.”

Additionally, players can now use in-game Credits to acquire Car Points when exiting the upgrade screen, with 4,500 Credits equating to 500 Car Points. If players would prefer to save their Credits, it’s still possible to earn Car Points for upgrades through car levelling as before.

Away from car progression, Update 6 marks the start of a new Featured Tour, as well as a fresh Multiplayer and Rivals event schedule. It also makes adjustments to Daytona’s pit-lane exit, and introduces eight new music tracks, with full patch notes available on the Forza website.

As for race regulations – Forza Motorsport’s final promised area of improvement – Turn 10 hasn’t yet offered a time frame for the completion of that work, beyond word in January the required data gathering would take at least a “few months”.

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