FaZe and Liquid Struggle on Day Three of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024

FaZe and Liquid Struggle on Day Three of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024

Day three of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024 has come to a close, and it was a similar story to yesterday, with a few of the favorites struggling against, on paper, inferior teams. Here’s our view on the action from today.

FaZe Fall to GamerLegion

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024

Credit: BLASTPremier on X.

On day two of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024, it was Vitality’s turn to stumble. Today, it was FaZe, who were 2:0’ed by a Snax-led GamerLegion. This was no fluke, either. GamerLegion were just the better team on the day, with every individual contributing with some beautiful CS being played.

FaZe finished 2023 as one of the best teams in the world, and it’ll need to be a swift improvement all around if they’re going to stick around in Copenhagen. The good news for FaZe is that they face a donk-less Spirit up next, which should allow them to get a win under their belt.

Ultimately, it was just GamerLegion’s day. They were fragging out on an individual level, taking one map to all 24 rounds, and the other to overtime. They were perhaps seen as a bit of a pushover in the BLAST Premier Spring Groups, but it seems the winter break has done them plenty of good. With a fragile-looking Liquid up next, there’s plenty of reasons to believe they can go one step further in Copenhagen.

Liquid Scrape Past Spirit

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024

Credit: BLASTPremier on X.

While FaZe’s struggles could be seen as a bad day at the office against a good team, alarm bells will be ringing at Liquid’s performance against Spirit. Liquid took the series 2:1, going life and death with a Spirit roster that included two stand-ins (including a coach), as well as no superstar in donk due to visa issues.

It might seem harsh, but expectations for the Liquid CS2 roster are so sky-high that we expect them to dominate in these circumstances. Jet lag is one potential explanation for the struggle on the server, as well as the team still getting to grips with their new roles. It’s still early days though, and even with their IEM Chengdu qualifier disaster against M80, they won’t hit the panic button yet.

One huge positive on the day was Twistzz, who came up in big moments to help carry the team through. He looked like the FaZe Twistzz once again, and they’ll be hoping he can continue his form when they face an impressive GamerLegion tomorrow.

Elsewhere, BIG fell to Virtus.pro, and Cloud9 absolutely stomped the new Heroic roster. These results were both as one-sided as you might expect, with few curveballs thrown throughout these 2:0 matches.

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