Exoprimal x Monster Hunter collaboration launches today with Season 3

Exoprimal x Monster Hunter collaboration launches today with Season 3

Much like with Street Fighter 6 in Season 2, one of the big selling points of Exoprimal Season 3 is the Monster Hunter collaboration that Capcom has been promoting. The new season launches today, and it incorporates a pretty meaty amount of content.

Ryozo Tsujimoto, series producer of both Exoprimal and Monster Hunter, released a developer commentary video breaking down the collaboration of the two beast-battling titles.

The highlight of the new content for most is likely the inclusion of Rathalos. The wyvern is sort of the Monster Hunter mascot at this point. The monster has been in every game of the series and was even featured as a boss and assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Exoprimal players who gather enough monster tracks can trigger a special mission that brings the iconic creature into the game for battle. The flying wyvern will have an exosuit designed after it too.

“So, we designed the Rathalos boss fight in a way that maintains the King of the Skies’ characteristic behaviors while also empowering it with the fortitude to take on 10 Exofighters,” Exoprimal director Takuro Hiraoka told us in an interview about bringing Rathalos to Exoprimal.

Other than Rathalos, players can also obtain more of the usual in Monster Hunter style; skins, decals, emotes, charms, and stamps. One of the exosuits being introduced is an homage to another iconic Monster Hunter beast, Rajang. There will be exosuits of Kirin and Nergigante too.

The Exoprimal x Monster Hunter collab is only available for a limited window. You’ll have to gobble up everything you can prior to the event ending on February 12. But there is more than just the cross-Capcom content to look forward to.

What else is in Exoprimal Season 3?

Season 3 is broken down in detail on the Exporimal site, but highlights include a new 10-person co-op Final Mission against a new Neosaur: the Neo Triceratops. As well as four new beta variant exosuits to try out.

Also in Season 3 is a new Jungle field location that can be found deep within Bikitoa Island. A new stealth rig is being introduced too which turns players invisible for a limited time. There are a pair of new campaigns on the way this season to be excited for. The Lunar Campaign runs January 31 through February 12 and the Chocolate Campaign will span February 13 through February 29.

Enjoy the new content while you can. Season 3 as a whole will conclude on April 17.

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