DOOM, DOOM II And Quake Just Got New Free Add-Ons, Rip And Tear Today

DOOM, DOOM II And Quake Just Got New Free Add-Ons, Rip And Tear Today

Celebrating 30 years with SIGIL II and QDOOM


The legendary first-person shooter series DOOM is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary and as part of this, the team has released new free add-ons for the original DOOM and DOOM II games.

This includes a new Sigil II add-on for both games by the id Software co-founder and DOOM co-creator John Romero.

“SIGIL II is a free nine-level episode, available now for DOOM (1993) & DOOM II. Download and play SIGIL II by visiting the in-game Add-ons menu for DOOM (1993) & DOOM II – available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, with backwards compatibility on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.”

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As part of the DOOM 30th anniversary celebrations, Quake has also received a free QDOOM add-on, which reimagines the original DOOM’s classic maps within Quake.

“QDOOM reimagines the legendary first episode of DOOM (1993), Knee-Deep in the Dead, in the Quake engine. Go toe-to-toe with a deadly tag team of both Quake and DOOM foes in this double-dosed love letter to id Software’s genre-pushing franchises.”


Will you be checking out these new add-ons for DOOM and Quake? Tell us in the comments.


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