Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6 Will Be On PS4 And Xbox One, Leak Reveals

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6 Will Be On PS4 And Xbox One, Leak Reveals

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will apparently release across multiple console generations. With the Season 4 launch today for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, dataminers dug into the files and found references to a Black Ops 6 cross-gen bundle.

If the bundle is real, its name would suggest Activision will offer a bundle that includes copies of the game for multiple console generations, just like the company did with Modern Warfare 3 before it.

Activision supporting the PS4 and Xbox One wouldn’t be a big surprise. After all, the PS4 alone has sold more than 117 million units, and even though the Xbox One is lagging behind that, the combined number of PS4 and Xbox One units out there is no doubt very substantial.

GameSpot has contacted Activision in an attempt to get more details on the supported platforms for Black Ops 6.

The datamining effort also revealed that people who preorder Black Ops 6 will receive the Frank Woods operator. A more expensive Vault edition of the game, meanwhile, seems like it will include a variety of other extras, including a BlackCell bundle, weapon skins, and more.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Editions:
Standard Edition/Cross-Gen Bundle includes the game + Frank Woods Operator preorder bonus
Vault Edition will includes game, Bonus Operators, BlackCell, Weapon Skins, Gobble Gum, and Frank Woods Operator preorder bonus
(Via @BobNetworkUK)

— CharlieIntel (@charlieINTEL) May 29, 2024

Black Ops 6 got its first trailer this week. The live-action Black Ops 6 trailer showed glimpses of real-world people like Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, George H.W. Bush, and Saddam Hussein.

Black Ops 6 is in the works at Raven Software and Treyarch and is reported to release in October, and it will launch day one on Game Pass. Activision and Microsoft will further showcase Black Ops 6 on June 9 as part of a special broadcast dedicated entirely to the next entry in the FPS series.

For more, check out GameSpot’s rundown of everything we know about the next Call of Duty. Black Ops 6 will join Call of Duty: Warzone, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, and Call of Duty: Mobile on the market at the same time.

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