Bloodborne was a no-show at this week’s State of Play, but hey, Bloodborne Kart

Bloodborne was a no-show at this week’s State of Play, but hey, Bloodborne Kart

Nightmare Kart

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The same group of vocal FromSoftware fans desperate for PlayStation to reveal something, anything Bloodborne related were once again let down this week when the State of Play was completely absent of any such thing. 

If I’m hearing the FromSoftware community right, it seems they really, really want Bloodborne on PC or a Bloodborne remake/remaster, neither of which were revealed during the May 2024 State of Play. However, if there’s a remedy for that beyond simply replaying Bloodborne for the 300th time, it’s probably Bloodborne Kart.

That’s right, Bloodborne Kart. It’s exactly what you think, if you’re indeed thinking at all and not just scratching your head in confusion. Bloodborne Kart is a PS1-style kart racer from the skilled hand behind the excellent Bloodborne PS1 demake. It’s actually called Nightmare Kart for the purposes of being “legally distinct” from FromSoftware’s IP after Sony got involved, and although some of the grim Yharnam vibes have been scrubbed, in our hearts it’ll always be Bloodborne Kart.

Nightmare Kart:🏁OUT NOW FOR FREE🏁🏎️Zoom through gothic city streets in this combat kart racer!💉Full campaign mode complete w boss fights!🕵️21 Racers!🏍️13 Karts!🏁15 Tracks!⚔️Split Screen Multiplayer!🩸LETS CLEANSE THESE FOUL STREETS🩸⬇️DOWNLOAD LINKS IN REPLIES⬇️ 31, 2024

Anyway, it was supposed to drop back in January but was sidelined by the party poopers over at Sony, and is now finally available to the general public for free, or for whatever your wallet can be spared right now. The game has a full campaign you can race through complete with boss fights, and you can choose from 21 different racers and 13 karts and take to the dimly lit streets across 15 distinct tracks.

As for the real, actual Bloodborne, again, we just haven’t heard a whole lot. Back in February, FromSoftware CEO Hidetaka Miyazaki said he couldn’t confirm whether a Bloodborne remaster or remake was happening but admitted he’s “very happy” so many people want one. With Sony’s deafening silence on the matter, I can’t help but feel the timing of Bloodborne, ahem, Nightmare Kart releasing is a little too convenient to be coincidence.

It’s not available on Steam just yet, but you can grab Nightmare Kart on right now.

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