BitBoy Booted: YouTube Brand Removes Crypto Influencer Amid Allegations

BitBoy Booted: YouTube Brand Removes Crypto Influencer Amid Allegations

In a surprising move, BitBoy Crypto has officially parted ways with Ben Armstrong, a prominent figure in the crypto community. The company made the announcement today via Twitter, confirming that it has taken decisive legal action to remove Armstrong from its ranks. The decision was taken by BJ Investment Holdings, the parent company of Hit Network, which BitBoy Crypto falls under. Let’s take a look at what happened.


  • BitBoy Crypto has taken legal action to separate from crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, citing serious unconfirmed allegations.
  • Armstrong’s removal aims to address emotional, physical, and financial harm to Hit Network’s employees and BitBoy Crypto community.
  • Armstrong’s defiance and ongoing legal battles contribute to mixed reactions within the crypto community.

Picture of Ben Armstrong from Bitboy Crypto

Bitboy Crypto: Ben Armstrong Saga Ends With Legal Action

The reasons behind this abrupt separation are complex and involve serious, unverified allegations against Armstrong. However, the influencer himself has not yet responded to these claims. To clarify, Hit Network, described as a creator-focused media network, collaborates with various brands to deliver content related to cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship, gaming, music, and sports.

BitBoy Crypto stands as the flagship brand of the Hit Network, enjoying the highest popularity among its offerings. In an official statement, TJ Shedd, the CEO of Hit Network, emphasized that Armstrong’s removal aims to address the emotional, physical, and financial impact he has allegedly caused to the employees of Hit Network and the BitBoy Crypto community.

It’s important to note that Armstrong is currently embroiled in a class action lawsuit alongside other celebrities. All accused of promoting the now-defunct crypto exchange FTX. The legal battle took a bitter turn when the plaintiffs’ attorney alleged that Armstrong engaged in aggressive behavior, including making “daily violent threats” through phone calls and emails.

The Plot Thickens

Interestingly, the official BenCoin Twitter account replied to the news with a post attributed to Armstrong himself. However, the authenticity of this message is still in question. The message from the account suggests that there has been an internal struggle within BitBoy Crypto and Hit Network, with Armstrong referring to a “mutiny.” Despite the upheaval, Armstrong appears defiant, stating, “They have no leverage. Until they can clone me, I have nothing to worry about.”

The announcement has stirred a range of reactions within the crypto community across various social media platforms. During a YouTube livestream hosted by TJ Shedd, viewers expressed their dissatisfaction with Armstrong’s removal. Many called for his return, highlighting his significance to the community. Conversely, Reddit witnessed a more positive response, with Redditors cheering the news.

As the dust settles on this high-profile separation, the crypto community watches closely to see how the fallout will impact both BitBoy Crypto and Ben Armstrong’s standing in the industry.

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