Biomed Industries Inc. Seeks Collaboration for New Diabetes/Obesity Drug

Biomed Industries Inc. Seeks Collaboration for New Diabetes/Obesity Drug

San Jose, CA, February 04, 2024 –(– Biomed Industries, Inc. (Biomed) announced today that it has developed a promising obesity drug, NA-921, which is poised for Phase 2/3 clinical trials. NA-921 is a small molecule drug available in oral formulation.

The Company is in discussions with potential partners for collaboration on a Phase 3 trial of NA-921, a promising candidate for treatment of diabetic obesity.

The drug is a once-a-day oral capsule based on a novel mechanism of action of GLP-1 and IGF-1 for which the Company has recently filed for patent protection. Its analogue/prodrug has already been approved by the FDA for a certain rare disease, for which the Company is in separate licensing discussions.

“We are actively seeking collaborators to work with us on this exciting new approach for the treatment of Diabetes and Obesity. NA-921 is novel in its approach to targeting both GLP-1 and IGF-1. The drug has shown only minor adverse events in a Phase 2A trial,” said Dr, Lloyd Tran, Chairman and CEO of Biomed Industries. He continued, “We believe that this new approach will provide a clear choice for patients wanting to have a much more convenient way to take an obesity drug as well as minimize side-effects they experience with current treatments.”

About Biomed Industries, Inc.
Biomed Industries™, Inc. is a pioneering bio-pharmaceutical enterprise dedicated to the innovation, development, and commercialization of groundbreaking drug therapeutics addressing unmet medical needs. Biomed stands at the forefront of discovery with its new portfolio of clinical stage drugs targeting Alzheimer’s disease, MDD, Rett Syndrome, other neurological challenges, and now Diabetes/Obesity. Additionally, the company is venturing into harnessing AI for drug discovery, enhancing clinical trial procedures, and various other critical domains within the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.

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