AFK Journey takes players beyond the bounds with Song of Strife, launching today

AFK Journey takes players beyond the bounds with Song of Strife, launching today


The new expansion update adds a whole new set of characters & story content

AFK Journey takes players beyond the bounds with Song of Strife, launching today
  • AFK Journey’s first major post-launch update is here with Song of Strife
  • Explore the new Ashen Wastes region, recruit two new characters and experience a brand new story
  • The Ashen Wastes bring innovative new dynamic landscapes as the dunes shift and change

AFK Journey’s first major story update, Song of Strife, is here. After a launch that cemented its place as a worthwhile successor to predecessor AFK Arena, the isometric action-RPG title is taking players beyond the bounds of Esperia thus far and into an entirely new region of the world. Introducing new characters, stories and threats to contend with.

The story of Song of Strife takes you deep into the new region of the Ashen Wastes, hunting down an impostor masquerading as player-character Merlin. You’ll need to work with the local Mauler tribe and partake in their Warsong Festival if you want to discover what this false Merlin is all about.

But you won’t have to go it alone, as Song of Strife also introduces two new characters to the roster, native to the Ashen Wastes. Alsa is a mage specialising in earth-based magic while Soren focuses on a strong warrior toolset that offers both strong offence and defence as the situation demands.

The AFK rewards must flow


This is one of those rare treats where we have a lot to talk about that even the layperson can understand. Because Song of Strife also adds an interesting, innovative shifting dynamic landscape. The wind, its direction and its strength can change the shape of the dunes in the Ashen Wastes, drastically altering the landscape even as you move through it.

Additionally, AFK Journey’s first expansion offers limited-time power-ups in the form of charms. Magic Charms are seasonal, so you need to use them or lose them, but that only encourages you to check out the next season once you’ve had a taste of that power.

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