14 Astrology Tattoo Ideas, From Constellations to Animals

14 Astrology Tattoo Ideas, From Constellations to Animals

14 Astrology Tattoos to Inspire Your Own Design

Astrology has become an integral part of our modern-day zeitgeist. It is widely believed that your sun sign determines many aspects of your personality traits, so it should come as no surprise that many people turn to their astrological signs when choosing a new tattoo. Astrology tattoos are a timeless choice, meaning you’re less likely to change your mind about the design years down the line.

Drawing body-art inspiration from your birth chart can be highly personal. You can customize your design based on your shape, size, or ink color preferences. From zodiac symbols and scripts representing your moon, sun, and rising signs to stunning constellations and celestial pieces, the sky is the limit.

If you’re having trouble making up your mind or want something a bit more tailor-made than a standard Pisces tattoo, you can try incorporating more than one zodiac detail into a single design. You can include your birth year or date alongside your astronomy symbol or merge the signs of your loved ones into a special tribute piece. And we haven’t even delved into the infinite ways you can approach a single design with different ink styles, such as fine-line, colorful, and traditional.

If you’re looking for astrology tattoo ideas, you’ve arrived at the right place. Ahead, we rounded up the best zodiac-inspired pieces to help get you started. Let the stars guide you to your perfect match.

Zodiac Animal Tattoo

Getting your zodiac animal tattooed on your body can serve as a pretty bold statement. As shown with this Scorpio tattoo, you can get it done in any ink color you choose to make it even more you.

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Floral Astrology Tattoo

Floral tattoos never go out of style, and framing your astrology symbol with these delicate design elements will surely earn you some compliments. You can also customize your piece by weaving in your favorite flower or the one from your birth month.

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Crescent Moon Tattoo

A simple celestial design is an equally chic option for an astrology tattoo. Ink depicting various moon phases, for one, can be a powerful piece, as it symbolizes the eternal nature of transformation through time.

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Floral Zodiac Symbol Tattoo

Behind the ear is a great location for an astrology tattoo that you want to keep to yourself. You can have your tattooist punctuate the final piece with dainty petals or stars to add more character.

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Constellation Astrology Tattoo

A dainty constellation tattoo not only looks beautiful, but it’s also a great way to inject some personality into your ink collection. You can even add tiny stars and the moon for more detail.

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Zodiac Symbol Tattoo

Proudly flaunt your zodiac sign with a design representing your personal sign, and, as an extension, your unique personality traits, like this Aquarius tattoo.

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Zodiac Script Tattoo

One-word script designs are always a chic go-to for minimalist tattoo lovers and what better way to incorporate your astrological sign into your body-art collection than with a beautiful cursive font?

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Tiny Planet Tattoos

If you’re unsure where to place your tattoo, take inspiration from this planetary piece that depicts tiny astrological elements. The moon, sun, and Saturn (you could opt for your own ruling planet) fit perfectly on the side of the fingers. Discreet location aside, these symbols are a classic choice and make for a cute first tattoo.

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Ornamental Astrology Tattoo

A delicate, ornamental design looks extremely chic, especially on the hand. You can add the moon, stars, sun, and even your date of birth to make it as personal as you’d like.

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Creative Zodiac Symbol Tattoo

This design is a perfect example of making your astrology tattoo your own. You can put a spin on traditional symbols without altering them altogether.

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Zodiac Symbol and Sign Tattoo

If you can’t decide between your star sign’s symbol and zodiac animal, this piece proves they can beautifully co-exist.

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Zodiac Symbol and Constellation Tattoo

Why choose between your zodiac symbol and constellation when you can have both? The fine-line constellation tracing can serve as a perfect backdrop with your star sign taking the main stage.

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Simple Astrology Tattoo

If you’re not a fan of detailed artwork, you can opt for a simple line tattoo that doubles as a silhouette of your zodiac symbol. Add your favorite illustrations (like the blooming rose, as seen in the picture) to modify it to your liking.

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Symmetrical Astrology Tattoo

An ornamental, symmetrical fine-line tattoo looks beautiful regardless of the placement. Take this ink, for instance, that craftily integrates the Taurus zodiac symbol with delicate needlework.

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