Today’s ‘Wordle’ #1082 Hints, Clues And Answer For Wednesday, June 5th

Today’s ‘Wordle’ #1082 Hints, Clues And Answer For Wednesday, June 5th

How to solve today’s Wordle.

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Looking for Tuesday’s Wordle hints, clues and answer? You can find them here:

ForbesToday’s ‘Wordle’ #1081 Hints, Clues And Answer For Tuesday, June 4thBy Erik Kain

It’s Wordle Wednesday which means I’m giving all you fine puzzle-solvers an extra riddle to go with your daily Wordle. Here’s the riddle:

A man is found dead in a room with 53 Bicycles. What happened?

If you think you know the answer, shoot me a message on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll post the answer in tomorrow’s Wordle guide here on my blog.

Okay, let’s do this!

How To Solve Today’s Wordle

The Hint: Found in both churches and bodies.

The Clue: This Wordle begins with a vowel.

Okay, spoilers below!




The Answer:

Today’s Wordle

Can you solve today’s phrase?

Screenshot: Erik Kain

Wordle Analysis

Every day I check Wordle Bot to help analyze my guessing game. You can check your Wordles with Wordle Bot right here.

I started with FORCE as my opening guess because I’d just written my review of the new Star Wars Disney+ show The Acolyte, so Jedi and the Force were on my mind. It wasn’t a great starting word (or show, for that matter—here’s my review) but it wasn’t terrible either (same goes for the show!) and I had 95 words remaining, along with two yellow boxes.

I slashed my remaining possible solutions down to 14 with RATIO and gained one more yellow box, but still didn’t feel confident about the answer. GROAN was so, so very close. I know had all the boxes, they just weren’t all in the right spots. Still, there was just one more option remaining to me: ORGAN for the win.

Competitive Wordle Score

Stupid, evil, vile, wicked Wordle Bot guessed today’s in TWO somehow, so I lose a point to the Bot and get zero for guessing in 4. Lame! The Bot got very lucky. CRANE only left four possible guesses that I can come up with: GROAN, ORGAN, URBAN and ARSON, and somehow it guessed the right one.

How To Play Competitive Wordle

Guessing in 1 is worth 3 points; guessing in 2 is worth 2 points; guessing in 3 is worth 1 point; guessing in 4 is worth 0 points; guessing in 5 is -1 points; guessing in 6 is -2 points and missing the Wordle is -3 points.

If you beat your opponent you get 1 point. If you tie, you get 0 points. And if you lose to your opponent, you get -1 point. Add it up to get your score. Keep a daily running score or just play for a new score each day.

Today’s Wordle Etymology

The word “organ” has a rich etymological history. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Ancient Greek: The term originates from the Ancient Greek word “ὄργανον” (organon), which means “tool,” “instrument,” or “implement.” It was used to describe a tool or device used for a particular function, particularly in a biological sense, referring to parts of a living organism.
  2. Latin: The Greek term was adopted into Latin as “organum,” carrying a similar meaning of an instrument or a tool, and it also began to be used in a musical context to refer to musical instruments.
  3. Old French: From Latin, the term made its way into Old French as “organe,” where it maintained its dual meaning related to both musical instruments and parts of the body.
  4. Middle English: The word entered Middle English as “organ,” retaining the meanings it had in Old French. It began to be more commonly associated with the musical instrument known as the organ, as well as biological organs.

Thus, the word “organ” has evolved through these languages, broadening its meanings and applications from tools and instruments to musical instruments and anatomical parts.

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