Switch Online’s ‘Missions & Rewards’ Adds Mario vs. Donkey Kong Icons

Switch Online’s ‘Missions & Rewards’ Adds Mario vs. Donkey Kong Icons

Wave one is available now

Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Image: Nintendo

Alongside the arrival of Mario vs. Donkey Kong on Switch, Nintendo has today released some new Switch Online icons.

Some of the characters included in the first few waves are Mario, Donkey Kong, Shy Guy and Toad. You’ll be able to redeem these for the usual price of 10 Platinum Points, with frames and backgrounds setting you back 5 Platinum Points.

Wave 1 will be available between now and 22nd February, and Wave 2 will run through until the end of the month. Here’s a look:

Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Image: Nintendo

If you would be interested to know about this returning GBA title, be sure to check out our review here on Nintendo Life. If you’re really eager to see what it’s like before you buy it, you can download the demo from the Switch eShop.

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Will you be redeeming any of these icons? Let us know in the comments.

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