Superliminal, a puzzle game about escaping a dream, is coming to mobile

Superliminal, a puzzle game about escaping a dream, is coming to mobile


Escape the dream realm by shifting your perspective.

Superliminal, a puzzle game about escaping a dream, is coming to mobile
  • Superliminal is coming to mobile in July
  • Escape a recurring dream cycle
  • Use forced perspective mechanics to solve puzzles

Indie puzzle game Superliminal is coming to mobile next month. The first-person puzzle game will launch on the App Store and Google Play on July 30th, and as of today, you can pre-register on either platform.

Developed by Pillow Castle, Superliminal launched on Steam in 2020 where it continues to boast Very Positive reviews. Now, publisher Noodlecake is bringing the mind-bending puzzle adventure experience to mobile. The mobile version will have controller support at launch. 

You are nodding off in front of the TV late at night when you catch a glimpse of an ad for Dr. Pierce’s new dream therapy program. Strangely, upon drifting off, you find yourself an unwitting test subject. Now, trapped within a recurring dream, you must make your way through a series of puzzles in order to escape.


You’ll be guided through your journey by the voice of Doctor Glenn Pierce, who seems to be doing his best to help you get home. His Artificial intelligence assistant, however, has other ideas. In the dream world, things are rarely as they seem, and perspective is everything. Gameplay revolves around forced perspective mechanics; you’ll explore various rooms and use your wit to figure out each exit.

As you play, you’ll manipulate the size of objects, scaling them up or down to create platforms, remove obstacles and get through the exit. Later in the game, you’ll be introduced to new mechanics, such as the trompe-l’œil illusions, which you can only solve by finding the correct viewing angle.

You can snag this first-person puzzler at a 25% discount for the first two weeks after its launch, after which the game will cost $7.99. However, you can try the game for free before purchasing the full game. You can learn more about Superliminal by visiting developer Pillow Castle’s official website or following them on Facebook, X (Twitter), or YouTube.

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