Samsung mocks Apple after iPhone alarm failures causes disruption

Samsung mocks Apple after iPhone alarm failures causes disruption

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Recap: Tech giants have a very long history of publicly mocking their rivals. Samsung especially likes to point out Apple’s flaws, and while we haven’t seen the Korean firm poke fun at its US counterpart for a while, that doesn’t mean the mockery has stopped.

Samsung was quick to laugh at Apple following reports earlier this week from iPhone users complaining that their phones’ alarms were not going off. Today highlighted the number of social media reports from people saying they’d missed engagements due to iPhone alarm failures.

Apple says it is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. It’s believed that the problem relates to the Attention Aware setting introduced in iOS 17, which lowers the volume of alert sounds if it registers a user is looking directly at a device.

If your alarm hasn’t gone off recently, you’re not alone ⏰

Apple says it is aware of an issue causing some iPhone alarms to not play the expected sound and says it is working on a fix. @emilieikedanbc reports on the details.

– TODAY (@TODAYshow) April 30, 2024

It appears that something is causing the Attention Aware feature to malfunction, possibly causing it to register a face that isn’t there and lower the alarm volume. Users have found that the alarm issue can be solved by deactivating the feature via Settings, Face ID & Passcode, then toggling the Attention-Aware Features switch to off.

Samsung UK was quick to jump onto the reports. Its Instagram account sent out a post noting, “Rest assured our alarms GO OFF” above the ‘dachshund playing piano with hat’ meme, aka the Synthesizer Dog and Keyboard Dog. The post includes a message that reads: “Samsung users woke up on time today.” Burn!

Samsung has a long history of poking fun at Apple. There was the advert deriding ten years of iPhones from 2017, which included a reference to the still-controversial notch. There was also one for the Galaxy S3 from a few years earlier, and a whole series of ads taking aim at the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s cameras. Google also got in on the act with a series of iPhone-mocking ads last year.

Samsung had plenty to celebrate last month when it surpassed Apple to become the world’s largest smartphone vendor based on shipments, taking a 22.5% market share for the first quarter while Apple sat at 20.7%.

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