Rush to Publish? Medicare Drug Plan Lawsuit Quashed; Activity Curbs Cancer Pain

Rush to Publish? Medicare Drug Plan Lawsuit Quashed; Activity Curbs Cancer Pain

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Charles Bankhead, Senior Editor, MedPage Today

The quiet retraction of a journal article on stomach cancer with “suspicious data” has shone a light on publishers’ desire “to put out huge volumes of studies while avoiding the reputational damage of retracting them publicly.” (New York Times)

The FDA is behind schedule on providing guidance to drug and device makers about how to increase patient diversity in clinical trials. (Regulatory Focus)

A bipartisan group of senators sent FDA Commissioner Robert Califf, MD, a letter encouraging action to curb misleading ads promoting benefits of drugs on social media. (Wall Street Journal)

Pretreatment with a histone deacetylase inhibitor led to encouraging response rates with immunotherapy for advanced HER2-negative breast cancer, particularly triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). (Johns Hopkins Medicine, Nature Cancer)

Assessment of cancer genetics with multigene panels increased healthcare costs with no significant improvement in overall survival. (ESMO, eClinicalMedicine)

A Belgian boy has become the first child known to be cured of an aggressive form of brain cancer known as brainstem glioma. (Science Alert)

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America challenging the Biden administration’s plan to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. (Reuters)

Neoadjuvant immunotherapy for soft-tissue sarcomas led to an encouraging 2-year survival of 82-90%. (University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Nature Cancer)

Physical activity was associated with significantly less patient-reported cancer pain. (Cancer)

G1 Therapeutics announced termination of a phase III trial of trilaciclib (Cosela) in advanced colon cancer because of lack of efficacy but will continue a phase III trial of the drug in metastatic TNBC. (Reuters)

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