PUBG Mobile x Bentley Motors brings four luxury cars to the Miramar battleground

PUBG Mobile x Bentley Motors brings four luxury cars to the Miramar battleground


PUBG Mobile x Bentley Motors brings four luxury cars to the Miramar battleground
  • The iconic luxury car manufacturer and hit battle-royale game are set to collaborate
  • You’ll be able to find four real-world Bentley models in-game that are fully driveable
  • There are also special in-game cosmetics for adding the cars to your Vehicle Collection System

Hit battle royale PUBG Mobile is set to collaborate with famous luxury car manufacturer Bentley, bringing four of the company’s real-life vehicles to war-torn Miramar. Starting today, and continuing until May 12th, you’ll be able to find Bentley’s Azure, Flying Spur Mulliner, Continental GT Convertible Mulliner, and Batur models that you can apply to four in-game vehicles respectively; the UAZ, Dacia, Coupe RB, and Mirado.

But that’s not all that’s being added, there’s also unlockable cosmetics like the Bentley Ornament and Bentley Parachute. Finally, by adding cars from the collaboration to your vehicle collection, you’ll also be able to collect further rewards exclusive to the event.

Cars, cars, cars

This isn’t the first time that PUBG has collaborated with a car manufacturer, and given the more realistic style of the game – compared to something like Fortnite – these real-world models do fit in fairly seamlessly, even to the brutal battleground of Miramar. And we have to admit, there is something viscerally thrilling about battling in a war-torn landscape while driving a ridiculous luxury car. The collaboration also comes right after PUBG Mobile’s big update for the sixth anniversary, which added everything from a genie to a flying treasure ship.

PUBG Mobile has been accelerating (pun intended) ahead recently, not only with collaborations but also in esports. PUBG Mobile is set to feature at the upcoming inaugural Esports World Cup in Saudi Arabia, alongside other super-popular mobile games like Honor of Kings and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

 But if all of that isn’t bringing you over to PUBG Mobile, you can always branch out a little. We’ve collated the top 10 mobile games like Fortnite. Or maybe you’d rather see what’s going on with mobile classic Angry Birds and their latest collaboration with new owner Sega’s own mascot Sonic the Hedgehog?

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